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    There’s a titanium serrota singlespeed(fixie?) with blingo green bits I see locked up round here every so often. Confusing and concerning. I’ve thought maybe it’s a honeytrap bike for the old bill.

    i was accosted by some 12yr olds in toxteth whilst on my daily commute into uni on my decent bike (stored in secure lock up in my dept). One of them asked how much the bike was worth to which I replied “oh, maybe £200”. “B*llocks, dem pace forks is worth than that” was the reply….

    I assume the “theres no bike crime” poster has a filter than strips out all the bike stolen threads on here 🙄 Only time my decent bike is left unattended its one of a stack of similar bikes, outside a rural pub somewhere nice, and still within sight.

    Think of it as a briefcase full of cash to the same value- how paranoid would you be with that?!

    Make your bike less appealing (either in appearance or security) than the ones around it and generally you will be fine.

    If you have to leave a bike thats the trick. All the cycle thieves I deal with don’t steal the most valuable bike, they steal the least secure. In every rack there will be at least one bike with no lock whatsoever, and half a dozen with cable locks you could bite through and as long as they get 20 quid for it thats their next hit.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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