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  • Exotic rigid forks and hope caliper issue
  • Premier Icon jimfrandisco
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    I’m trying to put some exotic rigid forks on my bike for the winter.
    Forks no problem, but can’t get the right adapter so that the hope tech 2 caliper lines up with the 180mm disc.
    Fork is IS mount
    Caliper is hope tech 2 post mount
    Disc is 180mm.

    Just order a hope IS to post mount +20mm adaptor

    But realise that’s not threaded, nor is the IS mount on the fork – so need a thread adapter.

    Already have a threaded IS to post mount 180mm adapter from Superstar components, but that that just doesn’t work for the hope caliper.

    Where am i going wrong? Driving me a little nuts.



    Premier Icon wwaswas
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    I think the adapter you linked to is for mounting IS disk caliper to PM fork. (in fact it is definitely for that reading the description)

    that that just doesn’t work for the hope caliper.

    can you be more specific?

    pics would help.

    Premier Icon jonathan
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    WHat he said – in what way does it not work with the Hope caliper?

    The 180mm one of these should be what you’re looking for:

    Premier Icon khani
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    A rear IS to PM 160mm adapter will probably work as rear IS frame mounts are 20mm smaller/lower than fork IS mounts

    Premier Icon jimfrandisco
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    wwaswas – ah. Yes, you could have a good point there.
    Clearly i’m an idiot – i read “Hope Front IS to Post Mount Adaptor” and read it to mean fork is IS and caliper is post mount, but then reading the description again and its “to mount a 51mm international standard caliper (i.e. Hope, Formula, etc) to a 74mm post mount fork with a 20mm increase in disc size.


    As for the Jonathan’s link – i think that’s just brought me to my senses!
    Yes, in theory one of those should work and just looked at the superstar 180 adapter and thought “it looks just like the shimano 203” adapter.

    Then checked again and seen the very small ‘R’ that’s on it!

    That’s where i’ve been going wrong – that explains why nothing lines up.

    I am clearly a fool – i’ll order a front 180 adapter and that should sort it out.

    Thanks both!

    Premier Icon cp
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    The adaptor you linked to allows you to mount an IS caliper to a post mount fork.

    You need this:-

    or this for half the price

    Premier Icon jimfrandisco
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    Thanks CD – your response overlapped with mine.
    Misinterpreted the Hope description, despite checking numerous times and then was trying to use a rear adapter on the front without realising.
    New part now ordered!

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