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  • Exmoor Explorer roll call
  • Me & my neighbour 🙂

    Staying in a B&B and also praying for good weather ….. packed wet weather gear due to seeing the grim forecast 🙁

    I’ll be there. Packing my raincoat as we speak! Still gotta wear shorts tho, too hot for trews. See you there crispy 🙂


    Who’s in?

    Me & a mate driving over early sunday morning… and praying for good weather. 🙂


    I will be there with a mate. I didn’t think the weather for Minehead looked to bad tomorrow just some light rain. The weather in Devon at the moment seems to be torrential downpour and then quite pleasant. If you get caught by the rain you are going to be really wet though.


    I’ll be there but probably only doing the short course as I’m still trying to get my fitness back.

    Edit: If today’s showers are anything to go by they’ll be nice and refreshing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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