Exhaust/engine backfiring (petrol)- ideas/experiences?

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  • Exhaust/engine backfiring (petrol)- ideas/experiences?
  • hora

    Hora I’ve not read through the whole feed but if it’s a 1.6 16v I have a new coil pack you can try and it is a fairly common issue

    It is the 16v 1.6. I know how to fit after watching the garage do’ the plugs- yes please 🙂 will email you.

    Alan Partidge from the knee down?

    Dan! Dan! Dan!

    Binners used to take the mick out of me for my choice in shoes.


    So theres me stressed/worn out from running to and from a garage/worried about would my car make it to Brighton tomorrow for my bestmates birthday.

    Then I found a bloody bloody good tech who knows his stuff. Within a couple of mins he had my engine off its mounts and had found the problem; manifold gasket. He also knew what the annoying squeek was that had defeated two garages.
    … Speechless. Gives me confidence to stay French and only go to him from now on.

    Chapeau Chrisdiesel



    I used to get a very satisfying series of pops and grumbles from my 100cc monkeybike on the over-run; big acceleration up to an astonishing 50 mph, then shut off for the sound. Bigger carb and exhaust..lovely.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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