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  • Exeter riding
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    Is there any riding close to the Bike Park? Mrs Ready is at the Ladies Day there tomorrow, and doesn’t want me hanging around all day, so thinking of having a gentle explore for an hour or 2.

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    Do we still have to bump?

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    Haldon is under 5 miles away, as is cafe side.

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    Depends on what you mean by ‘close’.

    Haldon isn’t bad and the off piste is really good, with a lot of newer trails popping up. Cafeside is currently closed for felling 🙁

    Could get a day pass for Scadson Freeride park (near Torquay) which is small but fun.

    If MrsReady is there ALL day, you could go down to Cardinham near Bodmin. Is a nice place for a ride, but Hells Teeth is a killer of a climb to add the red extension!

    I know there is loads more in the area, but I dont know of any of it (yet!) as I’m in Plymouth so don’t ride the area as much as I’d like.

    Edit, remove formatting!

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    Unless you were really averse to pedalling, your best bet is to ride from the Bikepark up to Haldon. Head up through Kennford, past the Shell garage and up the side of the old A38. Once up at the top use the marked trails to get over to the Hub and have an explore for a few hours from there. There’s plenty of off piste stuff which is worth a look. Couple of hours would be perfect for this.

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    Woodbury is a nice place to kill a few hours too, the Yettington side has a couple of decent lines.

    Premier Icon IainGillam
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    If you mean tomorrow as in the 12th June, I’d be happy to show you a few trails either haldon off-piste or woodbury. I’m no expert but know enough trails around both for a good few hours.

    The usual suspects round this way for me are:
    – Haldon (good off-piste as mentioned, market trails aren’t good IMO)
    – Cafe-side (Small but excellent – DH focused. Sadly not open yet),
    – Woodbury (Quite a lot of singletrack and some trails/ jumps areas. Recently been some forestry tearup in the known areas so not as much stuff as a few weeks back)
    – East Hill (Nice selection of small DH trails but very small area)
    – Gawton (best bet for traveling a bit further if you like DH)

    IMO Scadson is okay but for me Gawton is not much further. I visited scadson for 1 day and promptly bought a year pass to Gawton when I got home!


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    I’m not a huge fan of Haldon, but given how close it is, surely going anywhere else is nuts!

    Premier Icon ajantom
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    Haldon will be heaving today, especially as they’ve made all the roadsides no parking/clear-ways (good move imo, but means the car park will be v. full).

    You can park legally over at the café side, and ride over to do the off piste stuff, but if I’m driving there I usually park in Kennford at a mate’s house, abs cycle up via the old A38…good warm-up!

    There is a bunch of new off-piste stuff around now, but it’s quite well hidden.

    Probably a bit far, but I was out on Woodbury last night, and it’s running very nice at the mo.

    Forestry work has only really affected the trails in that small area of woods near Hawkerland, and they’ve taken out some of the bigger jumps at Yettington.
    Apart from that everything is good 😎

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    Thanks for the info and the offers guys, appreciate it!
    But after a 7hr journey, my engine management light came on so I’ll be spending the morning sorting it out unfortunately ☹

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    I’ve never gotten around to looking fir off-piste stuff at Haldon, mainly because I never bother going other than with my 10yo son, but it’s even a bit limiting for him now. Obviously not speaking from experience but it’s difficult to imagine there’s much that’s really worth the effort even with the off piste. Would be very happy to be proven wrong although the overcrowding puts me off now anyway…

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    Aren’t you a ray of sunshine…

    Premier Icon ajantom
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    @andylc so you’ve not ridden any of it, but in your opinion it’s not worth it anyway 😆

    Honestly I wouldn’t bother it’s crap, you wouldn’t like it, not worth the effort.

    Premier Icon snaps
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    Took this last week climbing up the old A38 to Haldon @ 0700hrs

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