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  • Excruciating knee pain!
  • crikey

    What’s happened and what can I do about it?

    You’ve hurt your knee.
    Take painkillers, rest it, ice it, elevate it.
    If it don’t get no better, go to your GP.

    It’s not an emergency, and it happened a while ago and you have coped OK.


    Are you using SPD’s
    Loads of moons ago, I went out in the cold fell off carried on and had mega knee pain the next day. I found I had my spd adjustment too tight and falling off hurting my knee then clipping in and out for another hour finished it off.
    Never went to the doc, 25 years later I still ride with the occasional knee pain when it’s cold, but always with lose spd springs.
    Keep the pills and see.

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    Fell off today on a 4 hour ride with about an hour to go. I got up moaning, and finished the ride, loaded the car drove home, pottered about , then went shopping with herself. Suddenly my knee started to hurt and rapidly got worse and worse until I could hardly walk. Got home, took ibuprofen and hit the knee with ice pack which helped a little. Writing this on the setee , still in considerable pain. What’s happened and what can I do about it?
    A few years ago I did my knee ligaments and that hurt immediately, there is no way I could have ridden for an hour after that. I don’t remember hitting my knee in the fall but could have twisted it on the way off.
    So keep foot up and take painkillers or go to A&E ?


    I’d get it checked out if it’s really that painful. Don’t listen to any MTFU bullshit advice: Would you really listen medical advice from anonymous forum users?

    Knee injuries are painful. You have a knee injury, it is painful. You may wish to take some medication of some sort, you may wish to ice it, compress it, elevate it or all of the above. If it’s still bothering you after doing all of that maybe think about going to your local minor injuries unit.

    If you had done any major damage it would probably have swollen like a balloon pretty quickly and it also probably wouldnt hurt.


    I did similar,extremely painful at the time,iced,Ibuprofen,etc,seemed to get better,but still very painful to ride.

    six months later,got that bad that I could’t sleep,or get up stairs to go to bog.

    went to Docs,told to go home and have an aspirin.
    two days later,pain was excruciating,went to A+E,fantastic service,seen in 30 mins,specialist called,diagnosed broken knee cap,confirmed with X-ray !
    saw consultant in 48 hours,operated next day,as emergency ,three pieces of bone removed!!!

    moral of story- don’t bother with the quack,get to A+E,don’t take no for an answer,or be told to MFU.


    is it in permanent pain or only when you are walking?

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