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  • Excellent service from Hope… again…
  • Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Just thought I’d say a public thank you to Hope. I sent my (many years old) Vision HID last Thursday because it had started cutting out. Returned yesterday with a new lead FOC and a massive poster to put on the garage workshop wall 😛

    Excellent back up and service as always.

    And for all the haters, these lights have been used for years commuting, 12, 24hr races, travelled half way around the world and haven’t missed a beat for about 5 years.


    My 2 hope lights both broke within the first year.

    Legendary Service or Essential Requirement?


    Im going with legendary service.

    Ive never had anything from Hope go, nothing. Ive had better kit from others, I remember a set of M4s which were particularly weedy, but nothing has ever gone kaput on me.

    +1 for Hope all round I say.

    Premier Icon ssboggy

    While where on the subject of Hope stuff, how long should the springs in a Pro 2 hub last? My mate dropped his wheel round the other day as the hub was virtually silent, when I took the freehub off all the springs that should push the pawls out where broken. The wheel is on a bike that was new in January this year and only gets ridden once a week on a Sunday’s as he rides another bike in the week. Is this normal?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It’s a bit quick but not outrageously quick for them I’d say… I’ve got 2 pairs and it’s pretty uncommon that they both have all their springs working.


    We replace Pro 2 pawl spring as a matter of course during a hub service, though more recent ones do seem to last longer. As for good service, I once sent off a Ti Glide front hub, 5yrs old, with a cracked flange due to an errant foot during a race. I gave the full story,and a request for a price to repair it, and was greeted with a brand new hub
    a few days later.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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