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  • bencooper

    I can’t see this thread being half as popular 🙂

    Dales are ace – I send everyone who wants “normal” bike repairs to them.



    R4 light packed up last week. Sent a query in via. website and got a prompt response asking me to check the basics and return if I still had a problem.

    So, dropped off package at the local post office on Tuesday lunch time, got a call from the missus last night to say they were back. I really am struggling to understand how they did this so quickly!!



    Intrepid Apparel have been great with me recently.

    I was bought a pair of their Campaign shorts as a gift which were the wrong size. I didn’t have the receipt so was stuck but they swapped them for the right size with no fuss and very quickly.

    The shorts themselves are the nicest I’ve got by a fair margin. They describe them as a ‘heavyweight’ short and they are robust but you simply don’t notice you’re wearing them. Stretch in the right places, good venting and great fit.


    a positive thread for a Friday ! I like it

    Just Riding Along – for fixing things at the last minute, before a holiday when I had destroyed a wheel, and for arguing my case with Hope to get a brand new hub after a failure

    Hope – for giving me the brand new hub above

    Langset cycles – for valiantly keeping a 10 year old wheel on the road for pennies one spoke at a time, eventually refusing to accept payment as they couldn’t quite get the wheel staight (the wheel lasted another 10 months!)

    Edinburgh cyles in Sheffield – for fixing my enduro and generally not being JE James


    It doesn’t happen all the time but it’s nice to be able to acknowledge it when it does. So, if there isn’t one of these already what about having a thread where we can do this?

    Anyway, my experience. I bought a clearance Specialized Enduro frame from Bike Scene in April this year and recently had a bike shop round out one of the alloy pivot bolts which had seized inside the frame. Not their fault as bolt was seized. I called Bike Scene and they said they would have a look at the bike and get it couriered back to them. I live in Glasgow and didn’t really want to strip it down. They suggested taking it to my local specialized dealer, which is Dales in Glasgow. I was a bit worried about calling them given that I hadn’t bought the frame from them, but it wasn’t an issue. Long story short their mechanic Dougie fitted a new set of pivot bolts under warranty from Specialized and Bike Scene paid the labour costs. In to the mix Dales loaned me a carbon full suss test bike whilst mine was being fixed. The only thing that Dales got out of this was a small Labour charge.

    I was gobsmacked at this, especially at Dales’ willingness to help…and to give me a bike on loan! So, many thanks to Dales in Glasgow and Bike Scene in Guisborough for being so sorted.

    Anyone else had great service which goes above and beyond?





    Any bolt would seize with a giant like you riding on it 🙂 Good service indeed ,mind you Dales will be floating on the stock exchange soon with all the money that Brian spent in there!

    rogermoore-They get a lot of practice 😉

    neninja £85 on some green shorts 😯


    Jim and Sean at:


    in Cirencester.

    Friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, flexible and helpful. What’s not to like?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Keswick mountain bikes for long term support
    Cyclewise for fixing my screwup.
    4Play cycles for having spares
    Sprung in Launceston Tasmania for bits spares gf’s blurltc and Friday night beers.

    Lbs are great

    Premier Icon binners

    Fisher Outdoor.

    I emailed them about a warranty claim, after my Truvativ Howitzer Team Bottom Bracket exploded in less than 6 months! They said ‘no problem’ but they didn’t have any in stock. So they sent me the slightly cheaper XR Bottom Bracket to be getting on with, next day delivery. Then, 3 weeks later, when the Team Bottom Bracket’s came back in stock, they sent me one of those too

    Customer service doesn’t get much better than that

    Hey there, hope fsa headset treating you well…? 😀

    Jim and Sean at:


    in Cirencester.

    Friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, flexible and helpful. What’s not to like?

    This and have you seen the curtis ss build on facebook that i picked up yest?


    Nirvana Cycles, Westcott

    One Sunday morning phone call…

    Me: Got any bottom brackets for a zesty?
    Nirvana: Yes
    Me: When can you fit one?
    Nirvana: Bring it in before 10 and I’ll do it before I go for a ride

    Happy days.


    Oakley for replacing free, and later at cost my M Frame frames that snapped. fab customer service and their shops now provide returns boxes and a form to fill in, ace.



    Bought an Alpkit Gamma Nov 2011.

    Battery compartment broke last week.

    Emails sent in the evening, and reply coming shortly after at 8pm.

    Posted it back to them on Friday.

    Repaired unit in the post yesterday.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Bought a used Hemlock. Rode it for a while including uplifts, a trip to France, and a couple of downhill races. Broke it a little bit on the world cup dh route at Fort William. Phoned Cotic and said “I don’t have a warranty, pretty sure it’d be out of warranty even if I was the original owner, and I use it way beyond its comfort zone- so I’m not bothered that it’s broken but how much will it cost me for a replacement bit?”

    Cotic they say, “absolutely nothing, here have a new expensive bit express couriered to you for free, because that’s how we roll”. That’s better than you’d get from most companies that you actually have a warranty with.

    And, er, Halfords. Similiar-ish story, bought a used bike, freehub broke- second owner, and out of warranty anyway. Took bike in, they said nah, we’ll do that for free. It was out of stock at the distributors so they gave me a whole new wheel off a display bike instead. Blindin.


    Leatherman, for repeatedly giving be a brand new tool when I kill the old one by doing silly stuff.


    neninja £85 on some green shorts

    I didn’t buy them, they were a present.

    There are loads of shorts out there in the £75+ price bracket these days. They are a nicer cut than my Altura Apex which have an rrp of £79.99 and are infinitely better made with better materials than my Nema Telonix which have an rrp £74.99. Admittedly I didn’t pay anywhere near rrp for either of those shorts.


    Maybe not the expected answer………….CRC

    Ordered 3m of Goodrich gear outer, guess what comes? Yep 3 x 1m lengths. Annoyed, think I’ll have to faff about returning and trying to order again as a continuous length. Phone then up to be told they will stick continuous 3m length in first class post that day. Don’t worry about returning the 3 x 1m lengths, just keep it, bin it, ebay it, whatever I want. Next day a continuous length of outer arrives. I cable up the new bike, but I still have used less than half of it. So all in I reckon I’ve got about 9m of outer for the price of 3m. The short lengths will do my old 02 that doesn’t run continuous outer.

    Yes they did c0ck up in the first place, but nice to see them sort it out so well with no fuss.


    A thumbs up for Red Ape Bikes in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham.

    Was due to ride yesterday afternoon and decided to fit my new Shadow+ rear mech. It shifted sweetly through every cog apart from 8 up to 9. I thought I’d checked everything but simply couldn’t sort it.

    Phoned Gavin who said he was really busy but would take a look if we stopped in on the way to Hamsterley. Within 5 minutes he’d sorted it and we were on our way. Top man.

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