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  • Excel – Chart which automatically creates data plot same time every day?
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    Is it possible to do this?
    I’d like to create a line graph chart which updates automatically at the same time every day so I can monitor progress over time. It’s one total figure and ideally I’d like to show lines too for the subset data which this total is comprised of.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can advise. 👍

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    Sounds like it might be a job for PowerBI rather than Excel – though you’d need to pay if your source data is held on your own servers and/or you don’t want the report to be public.

    Premier Icon Olly
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    what’s the source?
    are you populating cells manually?
    dont you need to open and get into excel every time you update it or view it?

    i know you can connect online services like google-sheets to online datasets and it will work away on the google servers without you needing to get involved, if your dataset is online or can get online on its own.

    If you’re taking measurements yourself, you can use microprocessor like an arduino to feed directly into a google-sheets workbook, but that becomes a bit of an electronics project.
    or if you’re scraping values off an online source, you would need to get into the underlying data, but thats not my bag. i know my colleagues have used PowerBI to “harvest” datasets off websites before.

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    Thanks all.
    My organisation is years behind so we’re just getting Power BI but that’s only being given to the chosen few. I might have to scrap the idea as we can’t download external software either.

    Thanks again.

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    can you explain your requirements more clearly or in more detail?

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    will there be a human available to click a macro button?

    If so, you just need a macro to resize the chart with the latest data.

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    You don’t even need a human, name the macro auto_open (need to check that it’s a while since I’ve done this). Then set a scheduled task on a PC to open the workbook at the set time. It’ll run automatically. You can even close and save it at the end from the macro.

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    Could you use a timer within VBA? Given how awful excel is I expect this means that excel, and probably the PC, would be dedicated to this single task. Might be easier just to press a macro button.

    It’d be ‘easier’ to have something like a JavaScript applet running in a self-hosted page. Or have a Shiny app – say an adaptation of something like this:

    edit. Though @stumpyjon ‘s response may be what you need.

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    A macro can run from the open (workbook) event. This could refresh a query – data source could be pretty much anything.

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