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    It’s same/similar rules/style as TD, but more technical riding.


    Does anyone know much about the EWE race, planned to start in a couple of weeks or so?


    it makes doing most other rides in the UK, like 3xSouthDowns, look very tame! Based on a similar format to the Tour Divide which is finishing around now, Chapeau to those doing it. I hope there will be many updates on here so we can see what they are doing and perhaps ride alongside a few.



    A bi more info on the Bear Bones Bikepacking forum.



    It’s definitely happening. Down to a small riding group of myself, Rob Dean, and Steve Heading.

    I don’t think it puts 3x South Downs into being tame. It’s a different game when you’re going to be out there for days on end. There isn’t the scope to run yourself as hard as the 3x South Downs guy did, or as 24hr solo guys do.

    It just different.

    But it will be hard.

    And, from the looks of things, pretty wet.

    I’m just in the process of sorting out the details of the tracking with Trackleaders

    It would be cool to say hi if you see us out on the trail, but riding with support (even the emotional support of someone accompanying you for a bit) isn’t really in the spirit of the ride.

    I will try to keep an eye on this thread if anyone has any questions.


    Good luck to the few folk taking this on.


    I can’t wait, although it does look like it’s really going to be quite hard. Yes, it’s probably going to rain quite a bit too, which is a pain in the butt, I just hope it’s dry enough between the rainy days that I get to spend more than the first 2miles with dry feet and shoes!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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