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  • EV’s and roof bars
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    Has anyone got an EV and carry bikes and canoes etc. on the roof? What impact have you experienced on the range. I’ve been looking at going full electric for the next car. It’ll replace my faithful estate. When I’ve been out looking and talking to sales types they look at me as if this kind of use will make it impossible to get to the end of my road. And then the PHEV push begins.

    Would be grateful for anecdotes from the hive mind.

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    From Google : Even an empty roof rack can add up to 15% to your fuel bill. The added weight and air resistance of a roof box, bikes or luggage strapped to the roof makes it worse. The higher the speed and the smaller, more aerodynamic the vehicle, the greater the effect.

    Physics doesn’t know what fuel you are using so I am guessing the impact will be much the same for an electric car so range reduction of 15 – 25% depending how big, how slippy and how much junk you have up top

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    I’m just going through this and found no data. Its pushing me more towards a tiny petrol engine. I will keep the car for 4 years so I’m hopeful by 2025 the EV market will be a little more mature. I did notice for the first time a VW ad pushing full EV as a tow vehicle which is the first time I’ve seen this.

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    I do on my eGolf, aero bars and one bike is worth about 15% off the range in mixed driving. Probably 20%+ for just motorway.

    As I moaned about on the EV thread, so many EV hatchbacks have no (or very low) official roof load. Many have bars available from third parties but I wouldn’t like an insurance headache if something were to happen.

    Revised (“long range”) MG5 estate will get a proper 75kg rating, else it’s SUVs like the Kia Soul and eNiro (both 100kg). Or electric Berlingo and clones will be available very soon, 100kg roof load and 750kg tow capacity too.

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    I am pulling up a chair on this one.

    I think there is a lack of EV’s with either ability to carry on roof or a very low roof weight loading. I may be wrong.

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    Yes. I’ve done a few trips now in my Tesla M3P (WLTP range = 329 miles). Before I get into my experience it is worth noting that Tesla calculate range displayed on-screen differently to pretty much any other EV manufacturer, specifically, the car does not take account any previous driving or environmental conditions. It just converts the energy at % charge to miles based on ideal conditions. For me this is between 295-300 miles on the display for 100% charge.

    – First long trip (I had 285 miles in the battery when I left home). I just had 1 big (YT Capra) bike up top. I did ~195 miles and had ~15 miles left in the tank when I returned from my camping trip of two nights. I was REALLY taking it easy (speed capped at 65 other than few brief moments, AC mostly off, etc.)

    – Second long trip (I had 295 miles in the battery when I left home) I had the bike and a large(ish) roofbox. The addition of the roof box had negligible impact compared to bike alone which was interesting. I did ~180 miles and had ~10 miles left in the tank when I returned from my camping trip of 1 night. I was NOT taking it easy this time… Using AC willy nilly and perhaps going a bit fast than I should have been.

    In summary I would say go for 2/3rds of WLTP as the max you will get with big stuff on the roof! I should have been more scientific by logging Wh/miles compared to nothing on the roof.. but it’s always a rush packing for camping/MTB trips and hitting the road..

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    Or electric Berlingo and clones will be available very soon, 100kg roof load and 750kg tow capacity too.

    170mile range without towing or roof racks.

    That’ll be fun with any further load ….

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    What sort of speed are roof bars/boxes/bike carriers rated for? My saris bones rear carrier was rated up to 55mph.
    Surely a big bike on a flimsy roof at a speed above 60(possibly about rating) is going to complicate things.

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    Another Tesla Model 3 (LR) here. Using official Tesla roof rack with usually 1 Yakima racks and 2 Thule racks (all wheels on). The load rating for the roof rack is decent (68kg) – certainly enough for multiple bikes and racks.


    Autumm – usual consumption approx 300wh/mile – Cool & wet trip to Yorkshire with 2 adult mtb and 1 smaller mtb on roof plus 3 people and full load. On motorway 470wh/mile (150% vs normal), overall trip (414wh/mile over 450 miles, some with bikes (at least 250 miles), some without). For reference, that’s probably about 200 miles to empty, so similar to above.

    Summer – usual consumption approx 230-280wh/mile – Warm trip to Cornwall, 2 bikes on roof, fully loaded, 3 people. 700 mile average of 330wh/mile (600+ miles with bikes on roof), so approx 120% vs normal). Probably 240-250 miles to empty.

    Both of these trips are doing 70 on the motorway, just driving as normal, no hypermiling. With a bit of planning for charging stops, and especially if you’re using Superchargers for Tesla, it’s all pretty easy. No range anxiety at all.

    Message if you want to ask anything more.

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    I think Thule say 120kph as a limit.

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    I thrashed my MX-5 up the Lecht Road racing a 911 with a Saris Bones and 1 bike on. No problems at all.

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    Yup, regularly have 2 bikes on our Zoe. La Prealpina roof bars (60kg + TUV & ISO tested) with Thule carriers. No issues & I just leave it all on the car ready for when I need it.

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