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  • Evri contact details
  • mjsmke
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    Anyone know how to speak to a human at Evri without their £6 per call phone line?

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    The 0330 number they use?

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    @drac that is automated not human

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    No, I’ve been trying for weeks and it seems there is no such thing.

    You can raise a query via the online chat but that pretty useless, in a week or so when they get back to you they tell you to either wait longer or that the parcel is lost. Then the fun comes in to figure out how to claim for the lost parcel…I’m nearly a month in so far and still nowhere near resolving it.

    If I wasn’t such a stubborn bastard I’d have just moved on with my life and given up.

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    Assuming you mean CS not sales, have you tried a Ouija board? They’re not built around being contactable and you’re very unlikely to achieve more with a real person than the automated system or online. (as they will simply be filling in the same automated forms)

    What is the consignment number?..
    Where did you send it from?..
    Delivery address?..
    [Wait for a long time]
    A) it’s still within 14days (or however long the ts and Cs state) you need to wait until it isn’t.
    B) it’s lost you need to fill in a claim form if you took out the insurance…

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    Perhaps you could apply for a job with them?

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    Aye, while you are on could you ask them about the missing pannier bags I ordered a fortnight ago?

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    IME, they reposnd to chat requests fairly quickly, you have to go a bit round the houses and fend off the chat-bot, but you can get there in the end…
    go to Help Centre > Choose sending > Status hasn’t changed in 24hrs > Start a chat
    then you gotta be clever to get the chat bot to give up and tell you to wait for a real person. It’s a fun challenge if you’re up to it!

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    I tried about a month ago and failed miserably. I did read after that when you call and they ask for your tracking number if you give them one that’s already been delivered that will get you through to a person rather than the automated runaround.

    Didnt need to by the time I’d read this so I cant confirm if it works

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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