Evoc fr Enduro or fr Enduro Blackline? What's the difference?

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  • Evoc fr Enduro or fr Enduro Blackline? What's the difference?
  • Blackline is just the colours scheme, as far as I know – have used the black Enduro one for a fe wyears, it’s great. Can see some usefulness in the easy-to-find zippers on the Blackline.

    It’s surprisingly bulky out of the box (was going to send it back initially) but very comfy and well organised in use.

    Protection I haven’t really tested (or maybe UI have – certainly haven’t hurt by back in any of my crashes) – but if you’re wearing a pack anyhow, then you might as well have one with protection.

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    I’ve been looking into getting a new backpack and really it’s between these two.
    I like the idea of integrated back protection and have been wondering whether I can get away with wearing one of these and a protection vest(without a spine protector) in alpine bike parks etc (I currently wear a 661 pressure suit with hardshell protection AND a 16l backpack)

    Fr Enduro model

    Blackline model

    Thing is, unless I’m missing something obvious, apart from a different colour scheme, I can’t see any differences between these two models. None that justify the price difference anyway.

    Does anyone use the Blackline? Is it different aside from colouring?

    Would also appreciate any general opinions on either bags from folks who’ve used one. Particularly interested in the protection aspect.

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    Cheers honourablegeorge. Looks like it is just a colour thing.
    Seems hard to justify the extra over a bright zip…

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    Ended up getting the Enduro Blackline.
    I was on the cusp of small and medium, so plumped for the small, partly as it was £20 cheaper and because I didn’t want the pack hitting the back of my helmet on steep Alpine-type stuff as I’ve had before.

    The small seemed to fit my back well, but the kidney belt was a little tight around my sturdy mid-section 😳

    Sent it back and will maybe try a medium, but to be honest, with the price now at £140, for a blummin rucksack, WITHOUT a bladder… I’m maybe thinking I’ll just leave it.

    Has anyone else found the kidney belts a touch snug? I mean, I’m built for comfort, but not THAT comfortable.
    Would the medium have a proportionally longer kidney belt?

    Yours, dieting of Warwickshire…


    The belt on mine fits perfectly for the small size, but then I have a 30″ waist. I’d assume that all the straps and things on the medium are longer.


    Great packs, yes they are much bigger than your average Camelbak but keep the weight lower down on your back and are a lot more comfortable / stable as a result – I’ve been very pleased with mine (standard model) and would recommend it highly both in terms of quality and unobtrusive protection (albeit untested yet in that respect)…

    As for the Blackline,there are only some minor changes really;

    1. Perforated waistband with additional storage pouch
    2. Slightly different back-panel padding for improved airflow
    3. Hose clip
    4. Enduro Specific Black/Yellow colour

    If you get a Hydrapak bladder (w/ baffle) you get a magnetic hose clip included which fits to the sternum strap and works better than #3 in my opinion so I’d probably just get the regular version and save a few quid towards the bladder.

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    The belt on mine fits perfectly for the small size, but then I have a 30″ waist

    I’m a 32″ waist and it fits, it’s just that it was only just fitting unless I garotted myself which I can’t imagine being that comfortable for riding.

    Thanks for the review Meames, really helpful.
    I can’t actually believe you don’t get a bladder for £140…but to be honest, the Hydrapak bladders have always been the best IMHO.

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