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  • Everyone loves a survey – what makes a good path
  • roger_mellie
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    May be of interest?

    From the survey:

    What defines a good path for you? Natural England has commissioned the Oxfordshire County Council, Systeme D and the University of Oxford to undertake a project to understand the most important quality metrics that define a good path (e.g. footpaths, bridleways, byways) for different types of uses.  As part of this project, we are conducting a survey to collect feedback from user groups across England to identify the top quality metrics for different use types.  The results will be openly available and published on   The survey comprises of 7 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.  “

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    I’d say the most important qualities or features I like to see in a path is that it starts where I am and ends where I want to go 🙂

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    Some MTB input might be useful on this.
    The equine groups are all over this, and if the opinion of our local groups is shared nationwide then they just want everything flexipaved.

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    One with no other users when I am there.

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    What a bizarre survey and a vague central question. Some poor bastard is going to have to try to extract meaningful data out of it. Hope Natural England didn’t pay up front.

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    More width, better drainage and no dog tod. Invention of a stile I don’t have to dismount for but still stops motocrossers.

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    I’ve seen loads of path work done over the years to the trails I ride.  Usually done to keep the horse riders happy.

    The best ones are the ones that last that have drainage sorted.

    I’ve seen far too many get washed away weeks after being finished and there’s a channel left with the matting showing that’s very dangerous if you don’t spot it.

    The Romans and the Myans got it right. Paths done on the cheap don’t last. Good foundations and good drainage!

    My favourite path is the cinder track in whitby but that’s probably due to the views and not so much the material.

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    One without unnecessary obstructions

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    That was one crap survey. Beyond being overgrown beyond use what are they hoping for?

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    Don’t be shy.

    And if the path is near to tarmac, then some kind of marking, painted on the blacktop can be an invaluable way to lead people to the path.

    (I had to attend a&e at my local hospital. When I got off the bus, I had to walk a fair distance around the hospital to get to a&e. As well as better lighting, it would have helped if there were nice big markings (chevrons?), painted on the paving slabs to point people in the right direction.)

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    Sounds like Forth Valley hospital!

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