Everton V Liverpool – place your bets…

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  • Everton V Liverpool – place your bets…
  • IvanDobski

    As a (pessimistic) Liverpool fan I’m going 3-1 to Everton.


    Everton 2-1….just for the comedy value.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    liverpool to win, as the lazy bastards might actually try this week. They’ve taken underperformance to being an art form lately

    best thing the new owner could do is let hodgson have absolute control over selection, buying/selling and make it clear to the team and fans that this is so. then you might see them try every week.

    everton – well, they seem to play as normal but just not scoring. I guess they’ll do OK longer term, but 3 today ? I doubt it.

    (not a fan of either team)

    From a fantasy league POV I’m hoping for a 1-1 draw, two no-marks grabbing the goals with very few shots all round. Hoprfully Gerrard will get subbed by the break without having any part in Liverpool’s goal.

    Well, I’m not going to fool myself; Everton should win now. I have no expectation with the situation as it currently is. I have no confidence in Hodgson, and neither do the players, it seems.

    TBH, the best thing to do is clear out ll those who don’t want to play for the club (like they’re good enough to play for any other top team on their current form). The only ones I’d keep would be Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt, Reina, Carra and some of the youngsters. The rest are instantly replaceable. The irony is that those I’ve mentioned will probably leave, with the possible exception of Gerrard and Carra (who’s just past it now anyway really). Leaving us with a pile of shite no-one wants. OK maybe keep Joe Cole because he is at least a talented player and a lot better than most of the rest of ’em.

    Time to rebuild. The only way is to spend money, and loads of it, if Liverpool have any realistic chance of becoming a force once more. Their one saving grace is their terrific history and honours record. That’ll be the difference between investment and the slide towards obscurity. Only time will tell if the new owners are now the right ones.

    Sorry, but Hodgson isn’t the right man, imo. The best English manager in the PL is ‘Arry. And he has a job already. Hodgson is a Fulham-level manager, nothing more. Unless he can turn things around very quickly (starting today), I can’t see him surviving. He’s had several months now, to prove himself, and bar a couple of good Euro results against little clubs, he’s produced nowt of any note. I’d love him to succeed, but from what I’ve seen so far, I can’t see even the faintest glimmer that he will.

    Oh whell. πŸ™


    Sorry, but Hodgson isn’t the right man,

    Have faith young Padawan 8)

    …anyways, could be worse. Could have had 9 points deducted.

    I’m thinking 4-0 here.


    Thing is, right, Jose Moaninho has expressed a desire to manage Liverpool at some stage. That’s the calibre of manager we need, not some bloke who has no record in English football, only in smaller European leagues.

    If he can’t lift this team, then he has to go. The financial impact of the previously unthinkable relegation is too much. It will take years, even decades, to recover from that. The owners and board can’t allow this to happen. A couple of bad seasons in the PL is one thing; relegation would be catastrophic.

    Hodgson out, Dalglish in for the interim period, get some spirit back in the side, then go from there.

    Come on; Liverpool could be second from bottom by 2.30. Not acceptable. The manager is ultimately responsible for putting out a team that can at least try.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    If he can’t lift this team, then he has to go

    el-fred, you make it sound like they’re all terminally depressed or something. I’d assumed they were professional sportsmen who might need a coach and tactician, but why a motivator ? … for a Mersey derby ??!!

    fact is, they don’t give a shit – they’re there for the cash and they’ll all bugger off if l’pool get relegated. If hodgson was able to say “If you don’t try for me I’ll drop you and then sell you or shove you out on loan – and the owner has told me I can do this to anyone I want” then they might just raise a gentle sweat during a match

    Hang on, he’s gone to 4-4-2…

    Thing is. It’s too late to be going bringing in one of these top managers now for this season. Lets face it, unless they get paid an obscene amount of cash over the odds then they’re not going anywhere.


    I’ll probably regret this, but I reckon Liverpool will win this one. And I vote for giving Hodgson a proper chance.

    Didn’t realise it was a 2pm kick-off


    Liverpool in deep.

    1:30pm kick off. Almost done.


    I’ve been a Liverpool fan all my life, been going since 79 and I’ve never in all those years seen a team with so little fight, spirit, belief, confidence and passion in all my life! Hodgson is doing himself no favours whatsover with his useless tactics and the whole stink and smell of failure is reeking through-out the whole set up. They won’t go down but I doubt they will get above mid-table and then god only knows where it will end up.

    Don’t believe they won’t go down. As a Leeds fan I have been there – once the confidence goes, it is a hard road back.

    don simon

    2-0 to Everton?

    Well, that’s Everton’s ‘Cup’ for this season, but will Hodgson still be in a job come Christmas? Or even the end of the month?

    Sorry, but this is essentially the same squad which finished 7th last season, which was poor result. Can’t blame anyone else but the manager. If you can’t get a squad of reasonable decent players to produce a result, then you haven’t got what it takes at top level. With each passing game, it becomes more frustratingly obvious that Rafa was in fact a decent manager…

    Made up! 2-0 to Everton! And from listening to Talksport it seems Liverpool failed to turn up & play – FFS it isn’t that far to walk between Anfield & Goodison.

    What excuse will nasal Roy come up with today – can’t use instability now can he?

    Do the decent thing, Woy. I’m sure there’s an Estonian club who’ll be glad of your services.

    Oh dear… πŸ˜€


    Everton by 2 clear goals – my prediction was almost right…


    Ha I thought it was 4pm kick off too. Oh well – wrong on every count. πŸ˜₯


    1 Chelsea 8 21 19
    2 Arsenal 8 8 14
    3 Man Utd 8 7 14
    4 Man City 7 6 14
    5 Tottenham 8 3 14
    6 West Brom 8 -3 12
    7 Bolton 8 0 11
    8 Aston Villa 8 -3 11
    9 Stoke 8 -2 10
    10 Blackpool 7 -4 10
    11 Everton 8 1 9
    12 Fulham 8 0 9
    13 Wigan 8 -9 9
    14 Newcastle 8 0 8
    15 Sunderland 7 0 8
    16 Blackburn 7 -1 8
    17 Birmingham 8 -4 7
    18 Wolves 8 -5 6
    19 Liverpool 8 -6 6
    20 West Ham 8 -9 6


    apparently the next task for the rescuers of the Chilean miners is to visit Anfield and advise Roy Hodgson on how to get out of a **** big hole before Christmas.


    Lanesra- that tables looking interesting . Not much in it at all and from an evertonians perspective a win next week at White hart lane and we’ll be right back up there.

    Lanesra…. 😯

    How we missed you old chap. πŸ‘Ώ

    I was just thinking the same thing, DD…. πŸ™„


    Time to rebuild. The only way is to spend money, and loads of it,

    Is this not part of the problem?

    Yes but there’s no option any more. The only way to achieve success is to spend lots of money on the best players available. The days of youth academies producing the majority of a club’s talent are long gone really. Time, therefore, for budget caps F1 style. Otherwise it’s only the richest clubs who will win owt.


    Holy gobshite resurection batman!

    Couple of years ago they had Alonso and Mascherano in central midfield, now they have Lucas and Poulsen – there’s the problem….


    Yep. No need to spend huge money. Just need a sensible person controlling it.

    Premier Icon binners

    I thought the chants were funny. The Everton fans were singing “Going down! Going down! Going down!”

    to which the Liverpool fans replied “So are we! So are we!So are we!”

    Scouse humour eh?

    THe Daily MAsh had the measure of Liverpool some time ago

    Liverpool Squad Down To Four Players



    The self-procalimed kings of Europe on a relegation nose dive – bring it on


    I love how fans blame new managers that come in once the previous manager had bought crap players in πŸ™‚

    buck stops at the players and they simply don’t give a @3$*!

    Hodgson or any other manager needs to clear most of team out if Liverpool are going to survive this season!

    The self-procalimed kings of Europe

    Not self-proclaimed; check up on yer footie history. Five European Cups, Three UEFA Cups, Three European Super Cups. Most successful English club in European football history. The likes of Chelsea and Arsenal can only dream of such glory…

    Hodgson or any other manager needs to clear most of team out if Liverpool are going to survive this season!

    As I’ve said; this is essentially the same team that came 7th last season. And are now nineteenth.

    Buck stops at Hodgson. If I were the new owners, I’d be interviewing for the manager’s position from Monday…


    …couldn’t happen to a nicer set of fans.

    Oh. Hang on .. er, yes it could.
    Self-righteous, self-proclaimed cheeky chappys.


    Elfinsafety +1

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