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    We were driving down to Cork to see Mr Jackson in concert in 1988. We set off early as it’s a long drive and were taking turns at the wheel and making good progress as the roads were empty. I’d just finished stint and was sitting in the passenger seat, head against the glass, looking out the window as the world whooshed by. From nowhere, a creature of some sort* appeared and was running along side the car, maybe 10 feet away. It’s head was level with mine so i’d guess it’s was maybe three and a half feet tall. I watched it for a few seconds in disbelief and asked John, who was now driving, how fast we were travelling. About 80 came his reply. Yer aul balls i thought and checked the speedo for myself. We were. As i turned back to the window i just caught a glimpse of it veering off in another direction.

    * I’d describe it as a giant hare on ‘roids with long hair.


    * I’d describe it as a giant hare on ‘roids with long hair.

    are you sure you weren’t looking at the man in the mirror? That must have been a Thriller.

    Years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and needed a pee, so off I went to the bathroom. Mid-stream I let out a ripping fart, a right pearler, and then a split second later, I heard the sound of someone’s exasperated tutting and I turned round to see the shape of a woman in a white dress floating over the bath. I squealed in terror and fled the bathroom, peeing all over myself in the process. My wife came running but saw nothing. I have no idea whether I was still half asleep and just dreamt it but even now it brings the hairs on my neck up thinking about it.


    once in the flying nun backpackers in Gisborne. Having a late night pee when i did that shiver thing (someone stepping on your grave). Could sense something behind me so looked over my shoulder and saw a shimmer/haze move from left to right. Didn’t say anything til Mrs aa said her shampoo moved in the shower from where she had put it. I told her my tale. She said i was making it up but wouldn’t go loo on her own after that.
    another time was on a ghost walk at grace dieu ruins in leics. I was very sceptical, fairly drunk but saw something i cant explain in an upstairs window (there’s no actual upstairs anymore). My friends daughter saw the same thing. Cue much ridicule.


    When i went shopping earlier in the week, i made a point of buying a large packet of my fav dark chocolate digestives. Today, i found that that packet had “vanished” without trace……… I suspect alions……… 😉


    A teenage girl killed themselves in the house next door to where I grew up. The family soon moved away. A new family moved in and the 2 young children (approx 5 and 7) would not go in the room where the girl killed herself because it scared them.

    Parents couldn’t understand it as they knew nothing of the suicide, my parents lied and said they didn’t think anything had happened in that room/ house.

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    There’s a road near us which is pretty much single lane, with a 90 degree left before it turns to two lanes for about 100 yards to a main road. Driving on the single lane bit in my Landy with my lad as passenger I saw a car turn off the main road onto the double lane part, before disappearing from view behind the drystone wall on the corner/bend. I slowed because quite often you’ll meet the other car as it turns onto the single lane. It didn’t appear so I assumed he had seen me and had stopped on the wide bit to let me past. We therefore carried on round the corner and there was nothing to be seen. The car had vanished. Thinking I was going mad until my lad said “Where did that Fiesta go? ” There is a turn off to the right (the left of where the Fiesta had been heading,) but it is an unmetalled farmtrack, straight as a die for about a quarter of a mile, with no gates or pull-ins. We even drove back to look back down that track a second time, but absolutely no sign of the Fiesta.


    Had an experience walking back to Newtonmore from Kingussie in my teens after the pub shut. Me and mates all witnessed night turn to day for about 1 second or so, then back to darkness. We’d been walking along the road and a few cars had passed us previously, but this was different, like a flare had gone off overhead, but a white, steady, omnidirectional light. I assume it was atmospheric, but in truth, have no idea what could have caused it.

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    That stuff you linked to in the Hafren.

    When all that was going on we used to go into the Hafren on enduro bikes and couldn’t get anywhere near the place.
    Even Geraint who’s farm is quite close couldn’t get near it.
    Then one day we were in there and all the military had just upped and gone. The only thing left was the wooden structure in one of the pics on the link you put up.
    I always wandered what all that shit was about.
    Thanks for posting up the link.
    It was kind of odd what was going on in there.

    Glad to hear I’m not just a complete fruitloop…

    did a bit more googling and found this; no additional insight into what was going on there, but interesting nonetheless:


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    None of that stuff in that report was there when we last went there.
    Just the wooden frame and concrete pad.
    I’d say it was 1988 or 1989.

    My mums sighting was in 1993… turns out there is a novelist who has been researching the case (there was a number of UFO sightings around the area around the time the site was operational); if you or anyone you know has anything to add, I’m sure he’d like to hear from you:

    Neil Spring


    I have a photo of the old sort of diving suit (big brass helmet jobby) on display at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight. you can clearly see a face there. Its is most definitely not mine or my wife’s. We had the pic developed a day after it was taken and we know that we were most definitely alone in the room (so not a reflection) and the helmet was empty as I peered inside . Still seems weird as the face is a bit unpleasant.


    only once but feel very odd about it – was running in the lakes in pretty bad weather and a runner approached me in opposite direction with a black dog a few metres behind – as runner passed me stopped and pulled hood open and it was an old friend – we chatted for a couple of minutes – exchanged news and route info – as I set off I passed a marker post and recalled that’s were I’d seen the dog but there wasn’t a dog – what is odd for me is that this friend had a black dog that had died about 5 years before this and had always ran with her in the hills


    Take a phone pic of the diving suit photo and upload?

    I was once sat around the kitchen table in my now wife’s old student house, with her and a friend.

    I heard someone loudly stomp up the stairs and looked at my wife’s friend who looked at me and seemed to acknowledge she heard it too. We then decided to check who was in the house, searching all rooms, even cupboards.

    There was only the three of us. I was weirded out and I’m quite a sceptical scientific type..

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    I used to work in the office block of an old disused factory in Redhill. A group of us were in the office early one Saturday morning when two of the girls separately reported seeing a “ghostly man in 1960s clothing” walk between our offices and the factory and vanish midway. We later learnt that someone had topped themselves on the site 30 years before

    Odd that two people seperately said they’d seen it.

    Next week I have to visit a property near Burton that is reputedly haunted – two generations of kids refuse to sleep in one of the bedrooms as there is another child there. It is also next to a road where a woman on horseback was allegedly murdered in years gone by. The tenant said to me “I don’t believe in ghosts, but we sometime here a horse whinny and gallop past the house when we can see there is nothing there”

    I’m an open minded sceptic on such things, not sure if I’m looking forward to going there again or feeling slightly nervous.


    Yeah my wife sometimes in the morning bla bla joke

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    I’d like to see the diving suit pic too


    Yo, me too.


    Remember having our last tea break on a nightshift a few years back at about 4.00am on a January winter morning. Ten of us walked out of the bait cabin and I was first to spot a massive bright orange elliptical shaped object pass right over us.

    It was absolutely stunning to watch. Remember thinking it was on fire due to its brightness and it was silent. Obviously a few of us reported it to the MOD but never heard anything more.

    Little green men – I don’t think so.
    Rare natural weather phenomenon – maybe.


    A few weeks ago on a night ride. Not supernatural, but a bit spooky.

    Two green eyes, a medium sized animal in a ditch by the road. It turned tail as we approached. As we turned off the road it was sat on a stone wall to the left of the singletrack. It slunk down off the wall in a manner that was quite feline. Saw it again around the next corner before it jumped down off of another stone wall before disappearing. There used to be quite a few rumours about ‘big’ cats in this area. I can semi-believe it now, although my money would still be on a fox, but climbing walls and slinking down?

    Would have properly shit me up if I’d been on my own, though.


    epic thread.
    I have never seen anything unusual. But often do solo night road & mtb rides. Used to be mad scared of the dark – suitably freaked out again. Hope you’ve all watched ‘signs’?


    My best mates mum naked whilst I was at the age of 16/17.
    And it wasn’t stifflers or caseys mum!

    I think I might have posted this twice before, now- but anyway, here it is again.

    “I may have told this one before.

    20 years ago. December, cold and dark outside. At mum and dads. Fell asleep in my old room in the attic, woke up about half 5 with my mum calling me down for dinner.

    Went down the stairs, was about to turn left into the kitchen, glanced left, there’s my dad standing in the living room doorway,facing away from me, staring into the room. Something odd about the way he was standing made me pause for a minute and stare. Couldn’t place it somehow, like he was looking at something terrible on the TV.

    Turned and went into the kitchen, there’s dad eating his dinner- turned around- no figure in the living room doorway any more.
    A little shocked, I mention it to mum and dad- dad looks surprised- mum doesn’t. Claims she’s been seeing a male figure around the house for years (not my dad).

    18 months later and we’re waiting for the undertakers to set up my brother’s coffin in the living room after his death 2 days before in a motorbike accident. They leave, closing the living room door discreetly and leaving us to it.

    We’re all in the kitchen, and dad takes the first step. He walks to the living room door, opens it, but stands there, unable to continue. I’m a few steps behind, and walk past him. As I do so, crapping my pants, I think- where and when did I seen him standing like that before?”

    Still true.

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    codybrennan, I remember reading that post before and I remember that it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck then too.

    “ad to Google to find this – shared this tale here less than a year ago – still makes me think….

    “Strange that this thread should pop up now. Just back from a week in the Tuscan town of Cortona where I was shooting a wedding. My wife was keen to come along and before I knew it, the in-laws had booked us all a house just inside the ancient Etruscan city walls.

    Our room was an amazing, airy space with a small balcony affording spectacular views over the plain beneath the hilltop town. There was an unused and windowless spare room between us and the bathroom – it was the oldest part of the house, which had been changed many times over the centuries.

    So one night, my back was giving me grief and after a few hours of not sleeping I decided to take my book to the bathroom to read, so as not to wake my heavily pregnant wife. I got as far as the door to the spare room and was groping about in the pitch black trying to find the lightswitch. Suddenly, in my left ear, and with enough pressure to move my hair, someone / thing inhaled then exhaled heavily and noisily. I scrabbled desperately for the switch in the spare room, found it and dashed into the bathroom which I reached just in time to hear my wife scream.

    On running back through, she was sitting up in bed pointing to the spot where I’d felt the breath in my ear, and was unable to tell me why she was so terrified. I haven’t told her my side of things (don’t want a premature birth!) and realise all this sounds like nonsense but the hair is actually rising on my neck as I type.


    What had she seen / felt?

    I don’t think that’s true. My nan worked in the hoover building through out ww2, it was used as a factory producing electrical components. The area was bombed a fair bit (RAF Northolt was a fighter base just a few miles up the road) but my nan’s stories never included people being killed in the hoover building or anyones bodies being stored there – and she loved a good blitz story.

    Fair enough. I heard it years ago from my aunt who lived in Greenford, who had in turn been told it by her best friend that lived on the A40, very near the old Hoover factory.

    Personally if I were storing bodies in the basement of a working factory I wouldn’t want the floor workers to know either. 😉

    Yep. Twice.

    First one was in St Lucia, a night on the beach. Saw something out to sea that looked like a flare, but it ‘switched on’ at height, rather than rising while lit. Then, it slowly descended from height, but made several sharp and fast deviations in course. There was no wind that night, and no noise from the sea at all.

    Second one was looking towards Salisbury Plain, and in the general direction of Boscombe (Obviously!). A big, bright and very fast light, low across the horizon. Too big and clear to be a searchlight, and again, no noise indicating it was a helo or something else.

    Both times were with Mrs CFH, who shared my view that while almost certainly not little green men from Mars, we couldn’t adequately explain what they actually were.

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    Where’s the diving pic???


    Any update on the photo?

    Except the above one!

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    Genuine story and I was a witness to it. I worked in an old Irish pub and there were various stories of ghosts etc. I don’t believe in anything like that, however one night it was last orders. The pub started to empty but someone was still in the male toilet. The bouncer banged on the toilet door and told the occupant to hurry up, and they replied they’d be out in a minute. Minutes passed, the rest of the pub was empty and still the door remained locked. The bouncer knocked the door again and was told just a minute. After a few minutes he had enough so kicked the door open and the toilet was completely empty. There was no way in or out other than the door that had just been kicked open. Absolutely bizarre.


    A fun little short, very much in keeping with the topic.



    We’d been walking along the road and a few cars had passed us previously, but this was different, like a flare had gone off overhead, but a white, steady, omnidirectional light. I assume it was atmospheric, but in truth, have no idea what could have caused it.

    Iridum Satellite Flare “Occasionally, an antenna reflects sunlight directly down at Earth, creating a predictable and quickly moving illuminated spot on the surface below of about 10 km diameter”

    Actualy there is one about the house. Its a big NT house and my mum used to do the bookeeping, which usualy got done between closing to the public and dad locking up.

    So mum’s busy working away in the office on the ground floor, house is empty apart from dad somewhere the other side of the building and she starts hearing voices and people walking arround upstairs. When dad came down she asked if the donors family were in the flat they retained. They weren’t in, and the flat was 3 floors up on the far corner/wing of the building, and the doors were closed and the alarms had been set ages ago, the house was definately empty!

    Had Britains Most Haunted asking to do an episode there, and despite being rational people with a vested interest in drumming up publicity they refused “because it wasn’t worth the risk just in case they were wrong and it did disturb something”

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    Great typo considering the thread content 🙂


    I just did what I thought was the biggest shart ever, but when I looked in the bowl, there was nothing, not even a foul ghoulish stench.

    Any update on the diving picture?

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