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  • jaffejoffer

    Has anyone been to EuroDisney??

    Please educate me.

    Deals, digs, trains, cars, parks, rides, shows, do’s, donts etc

    Thinking of a night or two over the crimbo period



    Buy tickets through the French website and you can save 40% I think. Search on for more info.

    We stayed in the town just outside ED, there’s a free bus which takes you in from the hotels. There is a large shopping centre in the town with a Carrefore type place so you can buy food cheap, we had no issues taking our own food in (fussy kids).

    Get the 2 day, 2 park tickets. We spent all of day 1 in ED and the 2nd day in the Studio’s bit. The car-stunt show is well worth going to see.

    Previously we have stayed in Paris itself and taken the train in. Bit of a longer commute but is workable, just more effort if carrying toys/teddies/lightsabers etc!


    Do: Prepare to have your wallet hoovered out.

    We stayed in the main resort hotel, my wife got a deal but it was still expensive, the twins, who had just turned 4, loved the character dining, it was amazing, but horrendously expensive.

    All the fast food is expensive as well, make sandwiches at breakfast time. TGV connection to CGD airport is super quick if you are flying, about 5-10 minutes.

    Other than that, when you get there its pretty straight forward, I would only go in warmer weather next time, we went march last year and it was a bit of a drag being out in the cold all day


    I won’t enjoy a minute of it if I feel I’m being ripped off, I’ll be grumpy which will piss the wife off then well both be miserable which will upset the kids. I don’t mind coffing up if it’s worth it, but I proper hate being rinsed.


    Disney train from the UK works great and will deliver you straight to the entrance, if in a park hotel they’ll deliver your bags so you can go straight into the park.

    Disney hotels are expensive but they can gain you extra hours in the park and queuejumping benefits. Queuejumping thingys work well once you have learnt the system, we had the minimum version and it was much better than spending the whole day queuing.

    There will be crowds.

    The characters are played brilliantly, and the stage/town centre shows are ace.

    As above, your wallet will be hoovered. Everything is expensive once you are in.

    Buffalo Bill’s wild west show is great fun and should be fully enjoyed in a rowdy fashion.

    Your kids will love it, for you it may be a version of your own personal hell.

    Bikes arent allowed!


    What they all said. Only additions:

    – You will struggle to find any fresh food in the parks once you leave the hotels.

    – The evening show is pretty cool; lights lasers, water, fire…. probably a kitchen sink in there a well, but a spectacle non-the-less. Ignore the fact (specifically for this, but the whole park in general) that it is consuming more energy in a day than some countries do.

    – The piped birdsong playing in the trees around the hotels is spooky – the constant Disney tunes playing the park will drive you mad, especially as you move form one ride to another.

    – DO NOT eat in the blue lagoon restaurant – yes, you are next to a fake river inside a ride, but the cost is horrendous for a plate of sh!te.

    – Marvel at the fact that, despite the number fo people passing through the gates each day it never seems untidy and is absolutely spotless again each morning.

    – The extra time in the parks in the morning with the hotel tickets is worth it, if only for allowing you to ride Space Mountain repeatedly until your brain is dripping out your ears….


    Great advice here thanks.

    The little un in question is 4, is she old enough to appreciate it? Has anyone been in December?


    Great advice here thanks.

    The little un in question is 4, is she old enough to appreciate it? Has anyone been in December?

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Top tips:

    If you stay in the Disney hotels you can get in Early and get a couple of rides on the best stuff for minimal queuing.

    Sneak in as much food as you dare (take cereal bars, juice cartons etc, with you in your bag and make sneaky ham and cheese sandwiches at the breakfast buffet (take ziplock bags with you)- as the food in the park is expensive and crap.

    Comfortable shoes for everyone.

    Take a comfy daypack but expect to get it searched.

    The only budget option for restaurants is McDs – embrace it and spend the money “saved” on a Character dining experience, your 4 year olds will love it.

    You’re going to get fleeced, just go with it and soak up the magic (it IS magic for kids!)


    Never been. But my wife did heaps of research and for the price of a weekend in Euro Disney you could almost do a week at Disney World in Florida; so we spent far more and did two weeks in Florida (makes sense once your there as being in the USA is cheap compared to the UK).

    Love it! We have already booked to go back next year.

    Book now and go in October when its pretty quiet for Disney and good uk type temperature.

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    We stayed at the Dreamcastle hotel, just outside the park on a 3 night/3 day park entry deal in August. Free bus every 20 mins. Hotel is a lot cheaper than the official hotels and is in much better state of repair. Apparently the resort hotels are going through a big refurb as they are getting little tired.

    We paid for food upfront which kept costs down, and although the food wasn’t terribly good it isn’t that bad. Favourite place to eat was the Agrabah (sp?) cafe for moroccan style food, and fajitas at lunchtime. Either eat early or late for each meal and the queues are much more reasonable.

    The staff are excellent and the park is clean.

    Get in early to avoid queues at the start of the day.
    Use the fastpasses to avoid queues for rides as much as possible.

    Make sure that you get into the Princess pavillion for the little one (meet a disney princess).

    Watch out for characters appearing randomly throughout the day. Probably worth finding out where they will be stood and at what time.

    We only saw two areas of four properly in Disneyland, and spent an afternoon at the Studios.

    Our 6yo daughter loved the Buzz Lightyear and Dumbo train rides, meeting Mickey Mouse and meeting the Princesses in the pavillion.

    Get an autograph book so that your daughter can get the character’s signatures.

    The parade at 7pm is great and the fireworks at closing time (11pm) are excellent.

    Take a heap of photos.

    Even though it was August, the park wasn’t that busy for us on the Wednesday and Friday.

    We had a wonderful 3 days with a very happy little girl.

    Apparently Disneyland Florida is 8 times the size of Eurodisney. We’d need at least 2 weeks to get round it all.

    [Edit] We have relatives with a place in Normandy, so DLP was added on to our normal hols [/Edit]

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Disneyworld in Florida is a whole another level.

    We went about 3 years ago.

    Each of the Disneyparks in FL is about the same size as the 2 Paris parks combined.

    On balance I would probably save for an extra year and go back to Florida.


    As above but once you have done the ones in the States, Eurodisney doesn’t cut it.
    (Down to the staff and the European queuing system spoiling things.)
    If you have to go, leave it until end of Jan/early Feb, lots of deals and parks quieter.
    Done Eurodisney 3 times, Florida four and LA once.

    Premier Icon booktownman

    Howdo, I took my two – 6 and 8 – in Nov.

    Good advice above, I’d have a look at the website first and height restictrictions for rides, you may find it a bit limiting for a four year old and, beyond the general spectacle of the place there isnt much to do there if you’re not on a ride or queuing for one without getting rinsed in the shops or various snack bars. Might be better to wait until littlun is older and can go more rides?

    Fully expect to get properly rinsed if you’re not prepared with some handy snacks – 20-odd euros for a couple of coffees and four doughnuts. You can stock up on snacks and drinks in the little ‘Relay’ shop in the the train station, also a good spot to buy a bottle of anaesthetic on the way back to the hotel at the end of the day!

    If it’s busy you’ll queue for over an hour for popular rides.

    If I ever went again I’d get Eurostar straight to the park. Train or bus from the airport is 60 odd euro, taxi was 90.

    Have fun!

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