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  • Euro Bikepacking Trip Next Year – Advice Needed
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    I’ve started planning a trip for next year in Europe and need some advice on some items:

    1. My plan is to ride from Calais in France to Athens in Greece over 6 months. Now looking at the route I have planned so far, it looks like my time in the Schengen area will exceed the 90 days in 180 days (especially if Croatia join early next year). Anybody have experience of how to get around this issue? I was thinking about getting temporary residence permits for Croatia and Greece, so I could extend my stay. Anybody done anything similar? Riding through the Alps and Croatia will be a dream come true for me, so I don’t really want to rush through them.
    2. Wild animals – being from England I don’t have much experience with bears, wolves, such like. Any advice/ reassurance/ probability of meeting such animals in Europe?
    3. Any recommendations for routes through Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece? The more fun and technical the better

    I’m also thinking of riding through the Ardennes, Vosges, Jura, TMB, Verbier – Zermatt haute route, Lugano/ Como, Livigno, Dolomites, Trans Slovenia, Istria/ other bits of Croatia so thoughts/ experience on those welcome

    Any help appreciated


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    You could try bearbones website, crazyguyonabike or all useful sites for routes and info. Sounds great trip have fun.

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    I dont think you need to worry about bears and wolves. Slovenia is ace, go through it.

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    If it were me, i’d plan a route on Komoot over several stages using their feature of adding points/features on the routes.

    This also gives the added advantage of having a cloud backup of your route which you can transfer from your phone to Garmin or whatever.

    Regarding animals, I think you’d be very lucky to see any. I know people who live in the mountain sin Slovakia and have never seen bears or anything whilst out walking/cycling/hiking etc…

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    it looks like my time in the Schengen area will exceed the 90 days in 180 days

    The complications of Brexit bollocks! You might not need to worry about it depending on what the final “deal” is! Valid point though – I imagine there are going to be a lot of holiday makers caught out by this if it’s applied.

    Having done a couple of smaller bike trips (2 x 7 weeks) – my best advice is to travel as light as possible. Be brutal with the gear you pack. All the weight adds up. Take good quality gear as well. The last thing you want is stuff breaking. Oh – and make sure your wheels are strong AF! Broken spokes are no ones friend.


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    Go on the “Bicycle Touring and Bikepacking” Facebook page, 42000 members from all over the world, and will have members from all of those countries too, great site as if you get into bother and need assistance there is often help not far away, physically or just advice.

    Main thing i always found though was to stay loose with your itinerary, you will meet fellow cyclists and people in hostels and campsites, and they will let you know of routes through and places of interest and on long rides like that you will go off on tangents and adventures.

    Lastly, can Foreign and Commonwealth Office website provide any info on visa requirements?

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    Did this a few years ago…

    Pretty sure somem of is broken but I did blog about it..

    I had bears in the black forest and wolves in Greece nothing to worry about.. just keep ya bacon away from your tent…

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    I’d be more concerned about sheepdogs in the mountains than wolves or bears! Being chased by a pair of Pyrenean mountain dogs is not fun.
    As for routes, there’s the Via Dinarica cycle alternative trail from Slovenia to Montenegro but I don’t know if anybody has cycled it yet.

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