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    First to offer payment that day and emails gets the goods from me.

    >then the **** sends the payment to you and makes you pay charges.

    If i was accepting a paypal payment, i wouldn’t expect the payer to send it as a gift waiving any possibility of a dispute. Is that what you mean Lanesra?

    I would usually email a seller to tell them i had got the item.


    You don’t seem to have done anything wrong ton.
    Dibbs is no use to anybody apart from the tyre kickers. I want to see pics of stuff if buying from peeps I’ve not dealt with before – I’ve had my fingers burned a few times, so excuse my cynicism! Unfortunately for sellers there seem to be more timewasters on here these days 🙁
    One seller did get my goat after I had said I would take an item, he then turned round and sold it to a mate instead…. but I try not to be too sensitive!
    I’m searching for a frame at the mo, been in touch with a few people asking for pics and info etc, but I’ve made it clear I have to be sure on sizing and may want to try one for fit before going firm. I’m sensible enough to know if somebody pitches up with payment then I’ve lost out, and I hope I’m not leading sellers on.
    Can’t understand people that can’t be bothered answering posts/email – would have bought a frame off here this week, but the seller wasn’t interested in giving any info about condition, use, etc – although there were pics.
    But 90% of the time it’s a pleasure doing business with you all 🙂 Group hug…..


    i wouldn’t expect the payer to send it as a gift waiving any possibility of a dispute. Is that what you mean Lanesra?

    Don’t think you can raise disputes for paypal transactions outside ebay can you?


    give the first person to respond first refusal, but if they are taking too much time and there are others waiting with cash then warn them that they are likely to lose the purchase if they take too long
    not checking your emails very often is a good way to lose out on a purchase


    First to pay IMO


    I think it depends on the seller.

    If someone says they will take them and emails the seller and arranges how to pay etc.

    If goes wrong or change of mind then whoever is second place could buy the product or just advertise again-it’s free after all?

    Funny how all the people lost out moaning on here.

    If you agree to to 2 sellers and they both pay pal then you have to sort all that out.

    Be a gentleman seller and buyer. It’s good Karma.

    We all miss out on bargains but so what?


    Paypal T&Cs are a load of bollocks for outside (of ebay) purchases – Basically they will only attempt to get your money back if there’s something in the sellers account, if there’s nothing there you’re ****.

    My point earlier was buyers sending the amount required to buy something then expecting you to take hit for paypal’s charges. For e.g someone (off here) was supposed to send me £105 for something, which he did but charged it to me so I received £101.37. I know its only £3.63 but its the principle of the matter.

    As someone else said its all karma, eventually


    It seems crystal clear to me.The first “I’ll take it,how can I pay” gets it.
    Anything else can lead to confusion and bad feeling.

    Sell to who you want, it’s your stuff.

    Did you do right in the way you sold those brakes? IMO no, not really.

    If in turn you get dicked around on the classifieds in the future I’d say tough luck and don’t moan.


    Should have edited it earlier James Garbett is the culprit (and is also a buyer on here for selling on ebay)


    I agreed to buy some tyres of the classifieds, sent cheque as agreed, only to get an email saying some crap about he got mixed up with who he was selling to? what a load of s*%t, won’t say who it was, just won’t deal with them again!


    If i want something for sale on here. I post in the thread AND e-mail the seller.
    Once contact made with seller, deal is made and money is sent.
    Seller sends goods, i receive goods and e-mail seller once goods received. Not dificult really.
    It does annoy me when people put things up for sale, dont update their thread with whats been sold, so you think item is still available. So you say yes you’ll have the item only to be told its gone.
    If you have items up for sale elsewhere it would be polite if you said so!

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