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  • e.thirteen freehub sticking (advice please?)
  • j3ffo

    Howdy, I’d appreciate any suggestions here:

    e.thirteen TRS hub – working fine past few months
    Suddenly last weekend, freehub is sticking causing chain to drop (1X10 setup)
    Hub stripped, cleaned, pawls inspected (ok), one spring replaced, one freehub bearing seized (replaced) – assumed I had sorted the problem

    End caps torqued and spinning nicely with no play (inc freehub) BUT when placed in frame and 142×12 thru axel tightened, the exact initial problem returns (freehub sticking, chain dropping). It goes away if I undo the axel slightly but then there is some play…

    No answer from e,thirteen (only been a few hours though) but it’s driving me a bit bonkers now! help..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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