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  • Etape du Tour 2022
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    I signed up for summer 2020, a circular route from/to Nice.
    That was rolled forward to 2021, same route, but obviously cancelled.
    I have already paid for entry and have until tomorrow morning to decide whether i want to take a place in 2022.

    However, the route is basically La Marmotte in reverse, which would be a good route, but having done these climbs before, I’m not sure it’s worth the time and cost of doing the event.

    It starts with the Galibier from the Lauteret side, then down to Valloire and the bump of the Telegraphe, along the valley through the Mauriennes, and then over the Croix De Fer (as opposed to the Glandon) then up Alpe d’Huez.

    Croix de Fer isn’t on the Marmotte but i have ridden that before too.

    I’ve only paid for entry, so still have to pay for travel and accommodation, so it’s not like it’s money I’ve already spent either.

    Anyone else considering going? What would you do? Will the roads feel that different the other way round?

    An alternative would be the Stelvio sportive, which also includes the Mortirolo.

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    Those are all nice descent/climbs (I have done them)
    I wonder what the crowds (taking part and spectating) will be like though?
    That was a big part of it for us when we did an Etape,made it feel really special.
    Over 7000 rode our event and going through all the wee villages,they really put on a show,like a rehearsal for the tour.Loved it.

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    That’s something i’m less keen on. I wonder if the Etape is too big these days.

    I really enjoyed that the Marmotte was big enough that it felt special, but the Maratona was way too congested, having to stop and walk/wait for long periods in the early part, the roads only really becoming clear after about 40km. Think that might be because as well as 9000 doing the full route, there were loads doing a shorter route and we all set off together.

    Marmotte is about 7,000. Etape is 15,000.

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    I suppose you’re never going to have a ‘bad’ time, cos it’s a big event in a nice place on good roads with enthusiastic crowds, it’s a question of whether it will feel ‘special’. If you done the route before, and have done a sort of similar event before, I’m not sure it would.

    Kinda sorta similar – we did Ride London a few years ago and it was great; big event, closed roads, riding past London landmarks, finish on the Mall, people cheering, all that. Definitely felt special. Did it again the following year and it wasn’t quite the same.

    I think that if I did do the Etape, and it didn’t feel ‘special’, I’d feel a bit cheated.

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    Nice route that. The road up to Lautarete from Boutg can be busy so if it’s a closed road start it will be ace. The hard bit will be passing Bourg after 100 miles and climbing up the Alpe.

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    “The hard bit will be passing Bourg after 100 miles and climbing up the Alpe.”

    Have done that before. The Marmotte goes through Bourg at 102 miles or so. Climbing the Alpe was one of my best hour’s of riding, not in terms of the road (which i don’t really like) but physical performance. I flew up there (relatively speaking of course) and finished feeling fantastic.

    I think that’s another point, my climb of the Galibier was one of the best moments I’ve had in road cycling and I doubt it would be the same again.

    “I suppose you’re never going to have a ‘bad’ time”

    I certainly did at the Maratona. The first two hours were infuriating, walking, stopping, going on the grass…

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