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  • Essential elements to your offsprings cultural education?
  • Ro5ey

    The Undertones are essential for positive character building !

    Teenage Kicks came on the car radio this morn, just as I was about to pull onto the drive… I carried on up the road and told the boy (5) to get his window wound down.

    He didn’t need encouraging to strum his air guitar… good lad

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Making them go to school
    No time off
    No holidays in term time
    Ban anything that you think they shouldn’t see (they will find it very soon after)


    Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    The Water Margin, a bit of Chinese culture will be important in the future.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    How can we be on the second page with no mention of Back to the Future?

    I want you all to sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

    Premier Icon MSP

    The Water Margin

    Meh, it is no monkey! Monkey is funky!


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    Torminalis – Member

    took my two 10 & 12 to see this recently, my 10yo daughter couldn’t stop laughing at it, not with it; and pointing out non too subtly of David Bowies’ costume that “you can see his willy” ! On reflection it was a rubbish film.

    Road Runner. Meep! meep!


    Been banned from playing NWA to wreckerjnr as he’s starting to pick up words. Shame, he seemed to enjoy it.


    Way better film that Bueller


    stop laughing at it, not with it

    You have failed as a parent.


    We did police academy and Mr bean recently, police academy went down very well.


    One of my six year olds adores music.

    Today she said she wanted to go to Glastonbury with me tomorrow so she can see Pharell Williams and Hozier.

    My work is done, not so much for the choice of music but the fact she enjoys music enough to want to go to a festival.

    I told her she can watch it on the telly (which she will do all weekend if she could) and watch out for daddy 🙂

    Premier Icon ampthill

    When I saw the tittle I thought Wayne’s World before I opened the thread

    We also enjoyed

    Blues Brothers

    and “The commitments”

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    The RADIO version of hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy.

    (Edit: top tip: download it on MP3 for long car journeys)


    Ferris beuler. Kids absolutely love it. God knows how many times I’ve seen it but it never gets boring.

    I reckon they’d like weekend at bernies too but can’t find it on anywhere.


    Reset the telly to only show tennis/football/olympics/news then watch their little faces as they switch on expecting cartoons.

    The lyrics to the “Grandstand” music as I can recall are

    “It’s time to go out
    time to go out
    time to go out
    Grandstand is on”

    Also if you want to ensure your kids are well rounded and educated, ensure none of their computer games load in less than 25 minutes and even then only load sucessfully 50% of the time.


    Coming To America? Hmm, might want to skip the first 10 minutes for a start 😉

    Offspring currently loves Little Shop of Horrors – finds the dentist hilarious.

    Premier Icon binners

    We did Little Shop of Horrors on Sautrday Night, which they Loved. Both Bill and Ted films, which haven’t aged as well, but they enjoyed anyway.

    But Waynes World is still the benchmark, with Binneretee number one declaring that it is now her favourite film. She does a great Garth ‘Foxy Lady’ dance 😀

    Premier Icon brassneck

    I just enabled Home Sharing and left them to it (for music anyway)

    Hearing the Tom Rowland remix of The Kalxxons Love Frequency being played at 500db on the TV soundbar ‘because it sounds awesome’ confirmed that this was the right choice.


    Cool Runnings?

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    binners – Member
    But Waynes World is still the benchmark, with Binneretee number one declaring that it is now her favourite film. She does a great Garth ‘Foxy Lady’ dance

    Oh that was a fashback! I got in trouble for letting my god daughter watch that & she carried on the “Foxy Lady” routine for years.


    Some Miyazaki… I’d start with Nausicaa and then try Princess Mononoke though my boys also loved Laura – Castle in the Sky.

    Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller – and you have to see Home Alone.

    We also had great success with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, as well as Zang Yimou’s Hero and House of Flying Daggers.

    Books… Skullduggery Pleasant, the Knife of Never Letting Go series and The Amulet of Samarkand.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    at 11 get them to try Headhunters by Herbie Hancock – if they can handle music longer than 3 minutes they’ll like the fact that it’s funky but it gets them introduced to improvised solos in music


    Ed emailed you. Did you receive? (About your band). FB’d you guys too. And stalked you too 😆

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    MSP – Member
    Meh, it is no monkey! Monkey is funky!

    Watching that, I never realised Monkey magic was a japanese show! Was it a pisstake by the japanese? 😆

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Hora: Yes but may struggle with availability at short notice


    Already got my 4 year old obsessed with Star Wars (Episodes 4-6 obviously).

    Thanks for the Trap Door shout – I’d been trying to remember what that was called for months!


    Show them the Japanese version of The Ring for a laugh.

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