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  • esher shore

    Freeborn Esher and Esher X bike park (formally known as Esher shore) are sorry to announce the closure of the bike park and the Esher bike store connected to the park

    We would like to point out this in no way affects the shop at Freeborn Horsham in Sussex

    Although Freeborn cycles recorded a record year in 2010 / 2011, we have no choice but to close the shop and park at Esher due to the problems associated with the bike park

    After having moved in a considerable amount of soil to complete the new Esher X dual track and hundreds of hours put into building and nearly completing the track we were advised legally by united Racecourses (the owners of Sandown Park) that we were to cease all building immediately, even though we were only weeks away from finishing the course

    They advised us initially they didn’t even know we were there, even though we were granted planning permission and change of land usage from the local authority in 2004, and had leased the woodland from our landlord ‘sandown sports club’ since 2003

    It then turned out that our landlord had no right to issue a sub lease to us, for either the bike park or the shop

    Sandown Park / United Racecourses then issued us with an immediate notice to leave the site stating that we had no right to be there, even though they knew we had been there for 8 years and told us we had not taken into account the environmental effect on the wildlife i.e. the birds and the trees in the park!!!

    Although we are sure this has nothing to do with the planned hotel complex they wish to build on the site, even though we were originally informed by the local authority that as a local leisure amenity the bike park could not be moved

    As the park is a non profit enterprise we are not in a position to instruct lawyers to fight a litigation case

    Freeborn Horsham will continue trading as usual

    We would like to thank everyone who has helped out at the Esher Shore bike park over the last eight years, without their efforts the park would never have been such a success, and thanks to all the riders who used the bike park, came to the Jams and thanks to all the customers of the Freeborn Esher bike shop

    The park has already been demolished back to flat ground by the landlord and the roll-in tower removed, the pump track is currently being demolished

    The Freeborn Esher shop is closing down on Thursday 31st March

    Premier Icon chakaping

    gutted for you all, must be horrible to have so much hard work ruined by somebody else’s cock-up

    Premier Icon neil853

    that sounds shocking, in every way.

    Premier Icon ben

    That really sucks. Gutted for you.


    Typical stuck up racecourse Esher people. Doesn’t stop them driving to Sandown Park in their planet raping chelsea tractors.

    I guess the wildlife will love the new hotel. As well as the horses that get a bullet/bolt to the head in the event of a race accident.

    You should still write to the local rag with the story though.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    yep write to the local paper


    Shame, you were the good guys that helped me several times when I lived in Hampton. No reason to ever go back there now then.
    All the best!

    Premier Icon njee20

    yep write to the local paper


    That’s shocking.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    If you want to go down that route you’d be better to phone the local paper actually, chat it over with a reporter as they’ll want to get on the story straight away.

    Offer to put them in touch with some disgruntled kids with nowhere to ride now as well.

    (used to be a local hack)


    What bastards. You should have litigated it. Done it in person if you couldn’t afford representation. There are lawyers on here with access to research materials, litigation experience etc. I am but a trainee myself. The thing about environmental impact assessment is total BS.

    I don’t know whether you had a cast-iron case (it sounds like you had a good one) but you definitely had an ARGUABLE case and could at least have got a settlement from them, especially as you would definitely have had the media on your side.

    Horseracing is pretty f**ked financially too right now so they too would have hesitated to partake in expensive litigation.

    I f**king hate Esher. Dull girls in Ugg boots everywhere.


    Really sorry to hear that, what a terrible shame. Not the first time I’ve heard of such shenanigans with local planning/landlords etc. 🙁

    My friend is a (trainee) lawyer and mountain biker – he might be able to offer some advice if nothing else.


    So sorry to hear that Rob, I was looking forward to riding there, and I know how much hard work you have put into it.

    Will you be working out of the Horsham shop now?


    Sorry to hear that Rob. 8 years seems ample time for someone to have noticed and had a conversation.


    Ok. So the owners want to build something new and probably linked to the main usage on the site?

    I must admit it was a wierd juxtaposition for a race course and a ski drive slope to next to Esher Shore etc.

    Plus, Chelsea tractors rocking up? How do most cyclists get the bike park from around the SEast?

    Sorry. Its a commercial thing. Much like Ellsworth frames costing a pretty penny in Freeborn.


    That’s awful. Sorry to hear that.

    esher shore

    we’ve lost £10,000 and 6 months of hard work with the bike park closing, so there isn’t any appetite to continue fighting to try and make it work, as the park has already been completely bulldozed flat by the owners (so much for the environment!)

    I am leaving Freeborn Bikes once Esher closes, but will continue riding for them and promoting Devinci in the UK

    cheers for all the messages of support


    Hey Rob, could you drop me a line at">

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Not surprised you haven’t got the stomach for anything more to do with it, probably best to be positive and focus on the future.


    that sucks big time

    While I’ve never made it to Esher Shore, it was always something I fancied and knowing that it’s not longer there is a bummer

    thanks for all the hard work you guys have put in over the last few years, and hopefully something will come up which allows this type of venture to return


    That is truely a shame.

    I still ride the Devinci Hucker I bought in the shop back in 2004, after I’d pushed a Cove Handjob to the point of breaking riding the shore as it was then, and so I needed a new frame. That Devinci broke it’s virginity on the shore out the back that very same day. And is still going strong.

    I live up North now, but still have very, very fond memories of the place. It is a shame it’s all ended sourly.


    Shame. It sounds like some messed up legal activity. It probably cost more to write those various letters than the 10k it cost to build the park.

    I suppose it is primo Esher property, so eventually someone was going to decide it was theirs.

    Rob – I suggest moving to Kamloops, at least for the summer. 🙂

    Premier Icon timmys

    If you’re taking requests please build something in North London instead 🙂


    Gutted. Had been dead keen to ride once you had finished work. Was hoping for a local chicksands and all signs were promising for the work you were doing.
    I guess you weren’t there ideal type of neighbour (and vice versa know doubt) and they took the chance to bully you out.
    Don’t blame you not wanting to sink anymore money into fighting them – could have taken for ever knowing solicitors.
    Well done for all work undertaken and what was a brilliant idea and concept that had me chomping at the bit to rock up when it opened.
    Complete f.bummer man.


    That sucks. I’m so sorry for you all. 🙁

    The way you tell it, it stinks to high heaven of “Aha, we’ve had a great offer on this land, how do we make it look like its both legal and a good idea to boot the bike park off and make a huge profit on it?” The wildlife angle is particularly ridiculous since the woodpeckers find that concrete found on expensive hotel and leisure facilities blunts their beaks. 😕

    I am assuming you are going round the UK cycling press/internets with this. Your local community, and local MP needs to know about it. (Why not email the minister for Sports too?) I am guessing a nice patch like Esher has a Conservative MP so questionable whether it will register on the WGAF-ometer.
    Make sure the local paper knows, and makes a big song and dance about disaffected kids with nowhere to go ride any more. And the death of another small-ish business (the shop) and would-be social enterprise (the not-for-profit park). Big society my big fat hairy arse. 👿


    That’s rubbish – feel for you 🙁


    That blows chunks

    Good luck for the future


    rob, go back underground and build 😉

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    go back underground and build

    I guess the alternative is finding another site within the M25 that is suitable for a bike park, can have a shop on it and isn’t worth anything to developers. Not easy!

    If the bulldozers have already gone in, there may not be much you can do, but I’d still be making as much noise about this as possible. When we had a similar situation in Bristol we made quite a racket about it, articles in the national bike media etc, CTC got involved, and all sorts of people stepped forward with offers of help – including you as I recall.


    Very upset for you.. looks like greedy fat w..kers concreting over true spirit yet again.. Vogons in suits.
    Good luck to you sir.. whatever you decide to do next.


    I’m guessing Rob’s just a bit jaded with the whole thing, and who can blame him? time for someone else to take over the surrey freeride park mantle?

    esher shore

    We have about 15 of these beauties to dispose of before Thursday 31st March

    they have various brand logos on them – DMR, Giant, Banshee, etc.

    free of charge as long as you collect (you will need some capacity in your vehicle as they are approx 8 foot x 5 foot x 1 foot thick and heavy density foam)

    you can take a single pad if you want, several…or the whole lot!

    we are happy to see them go to a good home i.e. volunteer built trails / bike park, FOC sites, private sites, etc.

    get in touch with me (Rob) on 01372 476 969!

    the pads are being stored at Esher X bike park in Esher, Surrey (KT10 8AN)

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