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  • soobalias

    Blue trails are fully roll-able and have no free drops or gaps, and are no higher than 0.7M

    Riders with general mountain biking experience should be capable of tackling blue trails

    Premier Icon theginjaninja

    Good fun. Not been there in ages though.


    Anyone ridden there? It’s within riding distance of my house and despite being a bit clumsy I quite fancy a go. If there’s “proper” beginner style shore stuff I’ll give it a go but if I’m likely to have to fall a few feet as I get used to it, will give it a miss.


    Yup. Fun place to spend a few hours. Easiset blue trail is perfect for novices. Take flat pedals!

    Don’t expect a “mountain biking” experience though – it’s effectively a playpen for big kids. Try treating it as a pure skills session. The trails do flow really nicely though and are pretty easy to progress on – if you get the first section right, then the second will come together, then the third and so on.

    The pump trail, although stunt free, is one of the hardest to get “right” and the one virtually every rider can learn loads from. Technically it’s a red trail – but do have a go!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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