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  • Ergon grips, AM bikes and dropping saddles?
  • bartimaeus

    I used to use them, and I really liked them for long XC rides… but I found that they were a nuisance on steeper stuff as they made rotating my wrists uncomfortable. Now that I have a shorter/wider set-up on my bike I don’t have the same numb wrist issues, even on really epic journeys – so for me some adjustments to my set-up made all the difference.


    Have you tried the specialized gloves with the ulner nerve pads? They could help… & not make your bike look quite so special…

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I lasted 1 ride with them as I had nothing to swap them for. Utter pain in the hands FOR ME. YMMV (won as a prize)

    Decent grips the right thickness and getting the position right was much better.


    I’ve used them on all my bikes for years, including AM bikes and at Mega Avalanche.
    If you set them up correctly, they are not a problem even on steeper stuff.


    what he said and I use a dropper

    Shame they are so expensive to try out as they seem a bit marmite

    As a sufferer of numb hands, I’m considering some Ergons.

    Who uses them and do you still find they are suitable if you have the saddle slammed for techy DH – i.e. change of hand position?


    I use the Superstar ones and droppers on all my bikes,no probs.Plenty of cheaper alternatives to the Ergon ones (from £5.00 on ebay)to try out to see if they suit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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