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    I thought everyone knew, Guinness for recovery, brandy to keep you going while still riding.


    I saw that article the other day too, a bit of googling revealed that it’s been out a while so I don’t know why bikeradar have only just picked up on it.
    Picked one up last night, currently chilling in the fridge waiting for me to go on a ride.

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    erdinger have marketed it as a recovery drink for years.
    i dunno how well it works, but they have their own triathlon team in germany too.
    and regardless of all that, as alcohol free beers go it’s one of the best anyway!

    As an aside, Maxifuel are now promoting their protein drinks as being vital for teachers, IT support workers etc, according to some ads I spotted on the tube yesterday.


    Has this been discussed yet?

    Erdinger are promoting their alcohol free beer as an isotonic recovery drink.

    It was reviewed on bikeradar. I tried one out of curiosity and it tasted good but think its recovery claims are overblown. Lots of polyphenols in it, which is a good thing apparently.

    What’s the STW verdict?


    yup, Alkoholfreies Weißn is good. often have a glass when out riding on a hot day and/or after a ride.

    think Erdinger (or some other brewery) also sponser Bayern Munich (or some other club).

    however, there is supposedly too little sodium…

    As a sports drink: Too little sodium

    What athletes need. The water lost through sweating must be replaced quickly, otherwise the efficiency decreases. After prolonged exposure should also drink a energy supply: For recreational athletes 80-320 kilocalories per liter are recommended for athletes 160 to 320

    What is isotonic. Isotonic drinks such as juice spritzers contain the same amount of dissolved substances such as blood and are therefore rapidly absorbed in the intestine. They are particularly suitable for endurance athletes. At moderate load they bring no advantage over less concentrated hypotonic drinks such as water or tea. Highly concentrated hypertonic juices and soft drinks promote water loss and are counterproductive in sports.

    What role do minerals. Sodium stimulates water absorption in the intestine, athletes need much of it. Potassium, however set the muscle cells themselves freely on exertion. In sports drink so you should not put too much potassium, it can reduce the performance.

    Suitable soft wheat? For long distance running, cycling and other strong, long loads, it is not optimal. While most agree the energy content and the isotonicity, but all offer the test to be low in sodium and high in potassium.

    Schneider Weisse is one of the best Alkoholfreie Weißn beers, IMO…. although with Erdinger as a close second.

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    tbh alpin, i’d rank them maisel’s, schneider then erdinger but there’s hardly anything in it for me. each has it’s own little tasty strengths.

    I wouldn’t touch it Coss I like the normal erdinger too much??????????????????


    Tried the Erdinger alcohol free this weekend (studying for exams…), went off the recommendation of a thread on it last week. Quite like it, much better than I expected. Will be buying some more.

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