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  • epping trail pixies?
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    Riding in Epping yesterday I noticed quite a few more log bridges over some of the (one time) swamp crossings.
    I’d noticed some of them before now and think whoever has made them deserves a round of applause.
    Fair play.

    That is all.


    i popped a skinny one in over a year or so ago after removing a lot of logs from a small stream that people had thrown in over the years so they could ride over it keeping clean and dry – the problem is that it dammed a 12″ wide stream and turns it into an 8′ bog of muddy gloop and logs, there are too many spots like this in Epping, that with a little thought the issues could easily be resolved

    it was still in place last time i checked

    it makes a lot of sense to me, but i’m not so sure the Corporation of London would approve of “building” in their forest

    tread lightly, don’t create eyesores, be discrete, don’t try to block the streams, work with the flow of nature – you can’t stop it!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m not local anymore, so know nowt of the other goings on

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    don’t create eyesores, be discrete

    Hello Qwerty,
    Yes, the ones that have been made are exactly that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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