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  • Epididymal cyst
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    I’ve been diagnosed with an epididymal cyst and advised to keep off the bike until I’m pain free. However I’m not sure how long that might be. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, for how long did it stop you riding?

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    Just put up with the pain and hope it bursts as you go over a bump.

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    I had one of those when I was young enough to have my mum and auntie oohing and ahing at me in the bath (she was a nurse). Doctor gave me some pills…? It shrank, but is still there about the size of a big pea.

    I must’ve been 7 or so but I don’t remember any pain, and I didn’t do anything special. Probably still rode my bike 🙂

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    Doc gave me antibiotics for mine which was very painful – I needed a special cushion…. Went in a few days or so but flares back up again so need to get it removed.

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    something else tolook forward to when you pass 40

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    Pass 40? I’ve got 6 months yet!

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    Simple cyst rather than epidiymo-orchitis shouldn’t be too sore. Take some brufen, good padded shorts and rule no. 5!

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