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  • Premier Icon Sanny

    Rab Photon Hoody
    Gore active shell trousers
    Wooly hat
    Spare warm gloves
    Leg and arm warmers
    Map and compass
    Charged phone
    First aid kit and knowledge of how to use it
    Rab waterproof jacket
    survival bag
    Spare food
    Tyre boot
    Gorilla tape
    Zip ties
    Spare mech hanger
    Spare gear cable
    Tiny container of chain lube
    Dry bags to hold them all in

    It sounds like a lot but they pack easily into an Alpkit Gourdon 20 with plenty of space to spare and to be honest, it’s not that heavy.

    Add in a couple of spare shorts and tops and toiletries and that’s what I take for Alpine hut to hut trips. All of the gear has been used and I’ve often been very grateful that I brought it when the weather has gone to shit or a mate has had a mishap or mechanical.

    The one thing I will add is a small shock pump. Riding down the Col de la Possette last September after the air had slowly pissed out of my forks had me kicking myself for not bringing one. You only need for it to spoil a ride once for you to decide to take one.




    Ohhh and dont forget the bike! 😀

    Sanny you have clearly pissed all over everyone’s epicness and kit list with that post.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Sanny you have clearly pissed all over everyone’s epicness and kit list with that post.

    Eh? What on earth are you blabbering on about? Have you been on the buckie? The OP asked what stuff folk take on big rides so I replied. I’m not looking to wee on anyone, thank you very much! 😀

    Err, “Hut to hut” Alps storming is not really your common or garden epic – hence my rather tongue in cheek comment.

    You can put your handbag away now, kit lists are always fair game for a bit of banter 😉


    plastic pill case with some chamois cream inhowever much you put on,it never lasts more than 5hs.
    broadsheet newspaper page-you can stuff it down the front of your jersey on downhills if you get cold.,like you do on the road.folds up smaller than the smallest gilet.you can use it as bog paper if you need,you can read it if you sit down somewhere.
    little camping hammock,when it’s hot.
    ziplock bags (small)with sugar/salt mix.
    some biscuits.
    rear light.
    multitool,pump.bit of cash.bit of a bar of soap,good for washing your hands/wounds.

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