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  • duntstick

    Just fitting some new discs and pads to my car and found that the front discs are completely identical.

    Problem being that the directional ‘sandwich’ venting between the discs will run in opposite directions when mounted on the car.

    To me, that seems like one is cooling and the other won’t.

    Spoke to the distributor who says that it won’t matter…………..

    I live in a hot mountainous area (South of France) and I feel that I have been robbed and that I may well have just downgraded my brakes instead of upgrading them.

    Anyone know much about this sort of thing? Are they safe?

    All advice much appreciated




    Don’t think I have ever bough ‘handed’ vented discs before, so I’d say not a problem*.

    * – all the usual caveats apply 😉


    Surely it will still throw the air out through them (cooling the discs) it is just that it will be throwing the air out in the other direction


    You’d think the airflow would be reduced, but I’d ask on a car forum.

    Did you get the usual French shrug of shoulders when you asked?


    I seriously doubt it would make any difference – I would have thought the the vents are only there to increase the surface area for cooling purposes and the speed of disk rotation itself would override the direction the disk was travelling, i.e. air will be pulled through the disk regardless of rotation direction.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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