Engine electronics lamp has lit up on my Astra – should I be concerned?

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  • Engine electronics lamp has lit up on my Astra – should I be concerned?
  • cyclistm

    Most local garages will have the diagnostic kit and can check the codes for you.

    However, if it is something only vauxhall can repair, you'll have to pay for diagnosis at the local garage and at vaux too.

    As you say, could be many things.

    If you have one, ask your normal/local garage to take a look.

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    It's a 2002 Astra 1.7Dti. The engine electronics light is a car and spanner symbol according to my manual and it came on driving home from work tonight and stayed on. It could be any number of things I guess, but will a local garage be able to diagnose the problem, or is it a Vauxhall only job?

    you can buy a code reader/ reset tool for about 30 quid from talk to my car .I had a light come on in the wifes car that was reset and never came back.I think a lot of garages would charge as much just for reading the code

    Premier Icon Del

    my seat leon is doing the same thing. it stops after a while ( a few days ), then comes on again. my MOT tester mate says it's quite common with diesels, and the seat forums agree. as they get older and let out a bit of smoke now and again the engine's sensors take fright and flag it up. if the engine is running ok, there's no more smoke than usual, and the oil/water are all ok, i'm not worrying about it.

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    If you've got a friendly local garage get them to plug it and see what it says. If the car is running ok and mpg etc hasn't shifted much it's unlikely to be a big problem. If you've not got anyone I've got an ace mechanic up here who'd sort it for you. Give me a call if you need his number (assuming you are who i think you are!).



    I used to get this on an 03 Vauxhall Combo. Mine turned out to be the central locking/immoboliser. Just had to turn ignition off, lock the van using the key remote, open again and the light went off. Used to happen about once a week so lived with it.

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    the ABS light on my golf kept coming on. now the fuel gauge doesnt work and the ABS light doesnt come on anymore.

    ABS still works though. seems a fair trade to me.

    Speaking as a electrician there is only one real way to cure this issue

    "Take the bloody bulb out" 😉

    garenteed the lamp issue will not happen again

    ok i will get my coat , sorrry


    An odb2 code reader can be bought for £15 on ebay (£25 for a bluetooth version). Get one of these, then google the code(s) it gives you and go from there.

    All cars from 2001 onwards have an odb2 port within 3foot of the driver.

    You can reset the light using the odb2 reader if you choose to ignore the codes too.


    If you're near Glasgow I can lend a laptop 🙂

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    You can read the code on a lot of Vauxhall cars by shorting out two pins on the OBD port with a paperclip. Lots of guides on the net on how to do this.


    IS that not the early OBDs, rather than the OBDIIs flaperon?

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    Mine turned out to be thermostat (on the Seat Leon), and O2 sensor supposedly (on the Pug).
    Also had traction control light permanently on on the Seat, and a strange noise on the brake pedal. Turned out to be knackered brake pedal switch, so no brake lights either 😯

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