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    Hi I got engaged to my girlfriend on New Year’s Eve. The ring is a little too big and needs re-sizing. The shop I got it from will do it but will take about 10 days to do so and she doesnt want to give it up for that long as she is still in the stage of showing it off. I tried a local jewllers and they said that it would take 2-3 weeks. Is it possible to get one re-sized within a day or two and if so where?!


    A local reputable jewellers that repairs stuff on the premises I’d have thought (i.e. not a chain). Where are you?

    Premier Icon robbo1234biking

    Bedfordshire – I have rung around a few places but they all seem to take a while to do it as well. She might just have to put up with it being sent of I guess!


    Should be able to get it done within an hour or so by an inhouse repairer. Just keep looking.

    Hugh Jarse

    After we got married the wife’s engagement ring got very lose on her finger and we got a metal band that clipped to the ring and reduced the ring size.

    Most jewellers send repairs out to third parties so 7-10 days is about the norm.

    Look on yell and try and find a freelance jewellery maker in your area. If you’re around Brum a trip to the jewellery quarter could be worth a bet.

    Congratulations to you both on your commitment.


    Just dump her and sell the ring on Ebay, far less hassle.


    Fistly congrats to you!
    Looking at brants posting, it looks like a std bit of clear hose. Dig out your bleedingh kit and slice a bit off the hose. Job done!
    NB Prob best to give a quick rinse under the tap first!


    Feed her more?

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    Bedford should have an in-house repairer. My dad has his new rings made there.

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    We had an absolute ‘mare trying to get my wifes engagement ring resized. Most jewellers didn’t give her the time of day when she took it in and a few of them were down right rude stating that they’d have to send it away to test if it really was platinum and the diamond was real before they’d even consider re-sizing it! Cheeky ****.

    Premier Icon robbo1234biking

    Looks like ill go back to the place I got it from after she has shown it off to friends and family this weekend! Cheers for the help guys!

    trade her in for a women with bigger fingers

    My GF works for a jewellery manufacturers. She has offered to ask the guy who makes the jewellery to do it for you as a favour, for just a small fee, and it wouldn’t take 2 weeks either!!
    Can you email me a photo, or at least some more info (stone type, setting, ring metal, etc), and we’ll see what we can do for ya’. 🙂
    Email should be in my profile…

    I have been a jobbing jeweller for 20+ years’ it takes max. 15 minutes or so to size mostly any ring. email me at prizlaATbtinternetDOTcom and we’ll arrange to do it by royal mail special delivery (£4odd for you to send) and i’ll get it back to by return, so seeing as they guarantee 24hr service, 1 day to get to me, straight back to you in the next post so she’ll only be without it for 48 hours. Will have to cover your return post but if it needs to be made smaller and I can keep the bit of gold that comes out then no charge for the job.

    I have done over the years, without exaggeration(sp?), hundreds, of rings by post like this and never had a problem if you or your intended is worried about it going missing at the hands of the royal mail.

    plus the girl who collects our post these days is “as fit as” so you’ll be doing me a favour anyway 😉

    Congratulations by the way!

    Robbo – has Bill sorted this out for you or do you still need the ring resizing?

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