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  • enduro racing, Gravity series?
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    Having talked* to Ali when I was out with TA this summer, I’m sold on the Trans Savoie next year (if I can get in) So better do some racing. What series are folk doing? Will I die on my HT? What FF for a complete scaredy-cat

    *I say talked to…I happened to mention it, and then he didn’t shut up about it for the next 20 mins…. 😆

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Whereabouts are you? Innerleithen has the best enduro scene in the uk, really varied events, excellent routes, winter series, the gravity enduro tour comes by once a year, even got a world series round next year… But just about everywhere has enduro events these says, it’s ace.

    Hardtail- I used mine for half of a UKGE round before the forks spat the dummy, it was absolutely fine- a wee bit slower as you’d expect but no increased risk of death.

    Fullface- most UK events don’t need it, you might want to choose one but there can be rules drawbacks (in the UKGE, you need to wear a helmet at all times, so if you choose a fullface for the descents you either need to wear it on the climbs or carry 2 helmets, both of which are annoying). Personally I don’t think full face is the right choice for this sort of riding, I overheat and end up distracted and more likely to crash!

    But ymmv. If you do go full face get a well vented one, Urge make some very suitable ones for pretty good prices. My old cheap 661 was horrible for enduro, basically a sweatbox.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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