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  • Looking at second hand ones of these for my next bike – mainly for Alps trips and a few uplift days, I suspect my MmmBop will remain my main bike but it’d be nice to pedal the bouncer up too.

    What’re the differences / pros and cons of each? Circa 2006 models…


    I’ve got a 2005 enduro (which is virtually the same as 2006), and I find it a great bike.

    Its my only bike, I wouldnt want to cover huge distances on it (about 30 miles in a day is my limit), but for everything else I dont find myself wanting any other bike. As everyone says it goes downhill brilliantly, and uphill well enough.

    I dont take any pleasure from pedalling uphill though, so maybe if you do, it might not be the bike for you.

    Not too sure on differences between it and the SX, but I think the SX had a slacker head angle, coil suspension , and was therefore heavier, but presumably better still at going downhill.


    I’ve got an older Enduro and SX trail (both 2004 models). The SX is pretty heavy (usually getting on for 35lb) but pedals ok, just needs time and patience on the climbs. The Enduro is a lot lighter (around 26lbs currently) and therefore climbs a lot better – however for the sort of things you mention the SX would be more fun.

    my SX absolutely rocked in the alps, sounds like the SX is more suited to what you describe

    slacker, coil sprung, ISCG mounts

    Fun is the operative word – climbs will just be for winching up. Looks like SX is the way to go then… Cool, cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Get the SX, a mate of mine has been using one for years for xc, dh racing and trips to the alps. He reckons its awesome


    My SX (has even heavier 55r’s instead of the Pike’s now though, plus it’s also got a dropper seatpost thing):

    Great fun!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We have 3 Enduros between us, Kevin also had a SX Trail for the Alps.
    The Enduro is great as a all day bike but in the Alps the SX was way ahead on the downhills but was hard work on anything uphill. Both are very capable Alps bikes

    Also had an older SX

    and an Enduro

    Premier Icon mboy

    The SX of the two… If it’s mainly for a bike to use in the Alps and uplift days at least.

    Though I’ve ridden an SX trail, and can honestly say get a Giant Reign X over it. Not just cos I’m selling my frame (in the classifieds, I don’t use it any more), but get one anyway… They’re longer, more stable, pedal better, are more usable more of the time. I’ve ridden everything from day long XC rides to DH courses on mine, it’s fantastic!

    Ooh, Reign X. Interesting…


    My Enduro as it is now (26lbs) in it’s air sprung guise:

    and in it’s much heavier (31-32lb) coil build:

    Great in both builds – more fun with the coils but a better up/down compromise with the air forks and shock.


    ^^^Where is this trail? i ask as it looks very familar.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    If you’re talking about 2005/6 Enduros and SX Trails, my advice is don’t go with the SX if you have the faintest interest in pedalling uphill, whether for pleasure, or just because you have to.
    I’m sure others will come along and say they’ve done the South Downs in a day on one, but imo whereas the Enduro is bearable for winching uphills, the SX is just a nasty piece of work. Going down is a different story of course, both are great, though the SX is definitely greater.
    If you’re buying an Enduro of that particular vintage, check the swingarm- they all crack. If it’s a complete bike you’re buying with the original Talas forks, check the dropouts carefully for cracks from overtightening the pinchbolts. Mine had both problems. ๐Ÿ˜•


    I just had a look in the archive on the specialized website, and according to that the 2005 SX had exactly the same geometry as the regular 2005 enduro.

    It looks like the only difference is that the SX used coil suspension, so not sure why it should be significantly harder to climb on.

    edit – according to the archive the 2006 SX was a little slacker than the same year enduro


    If as you say it’s for the Alps and uplift days then the SX undoubtedly.

    Mine weighs circa 40lb’s in full on Alps mode


    If memory serves me correctly, the 2006 enduro was the same as the SX but had a different shock shuttle with made the BB higher and slackened the head angle.


    Love my enduro (especially the colour)

    Very capable in the alps last year. Would love a set of coil lyriks to finish it off

    Right – reckon I’m settled on either an SX or older Reign X, after doing some research on Mboy’s suggestion. What do both of these size up like? I like my bikes quite small, but I do prefer a bit of reach in the top tube…


    I like a small bike, I’m 5’9 and ride a medium 07 sx trail. It’s pretty long on the top tube, and feels like it could benefit from more standover when static, but on the trail feels perfect. When I looked at the small, it seemed pretty microscopic. If you can, seek out an 07 or 08 sx trail. Prior to this they were just enduro’s with a coil shock, and revised mount. From 07 on they had different tubing, shorter stays, additional gusseting etc.

    The SX trail is a stunningly good bike but how you build it up will make the difference between it being a heavy hitting all rounder and just a heavy lump.


    Nuff Said 8)

    Premier Icon Alex

    I loved my SX ๐Ÿ™‚ Rode it a few times in the peaks and it was fab. 36lbs ish but pedal-able if you weren’t in a rush. And DH fantastic. Shame I never got to take it to the alps.

    IMG_0805 by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Chicksands December 07 (3) by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Hope Cross by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    It more than likely would get ridden in the Peak every now and then… I’m never in a rush uphill, I don’t think!


    How about a Pitch, aren’t they somewhere in between the two? (So I’ve read, I don’t own either so can’t say how it rides!) ๐Ÿ˜•


    How about a Pitch, aren’t they somewhere in between the two? (So I’ve read, I don’t own either so can’t say how it rides!) ๐Ÿ˜•


    I have had an sx trail and a currently have a pitch with coil shock and lyriks. Fantastic bike, does most of what the sx did, but happily climbs hills.

    Hmm, Pitch. That’s an idea, though they seem quite rare frame only


    Might be too late chipping in here, but no-one’s mentioned the Enduro SX Trail models from 2006. There isn’t much on the web about these but they’re a definite alternative. Here’s the Enduro models listing from 2006: [/url]
    Not entirely sure what the difference is between the Enduro SX and the SX Trail but I’m in the process of buying the former and looks like a great freeride bike.

    I have the 2006 SX Trail 1 with DHX4.0 rear shock and Marrzochi 66VF up front. Spesialised are sneeky its not a DHX4.0 really it’s a 3.0 ,likewise the later 2007 didn’t have a 5.0 but really a 4.0. This was told to me by Dave(Stendec), they also don’t have the boost valve. You physically couldn’t get the schrauder connection in as the proximety to the frame. When you see the manual for the shock at the point about boost valve there is an asterix then lower down it says not on enduro models. looking at pictures of newer SX’s it’s not untill 2009 that the boost valve was fitted as the frame was altered. Dave (stendec) told me the he prefers the DHX 3.0 anyway as there is less to play with and go wrong. Dave has also serviced and tuned the shocks. In 2006 Marzochi painted the springs that went in the forks, unfortunately the paint comes off and blocks the rebound circuit so check this out when looking at your new bike.

    The 2006 model doesn’t come with two rings up front, if you are going to pedal this beasty up hill then you will need a top swing bottom pull front mech. Spesialized thoughtfully put the cable mounts on the frame for a front mech.

    As as already been mentioned the 2006 SX has slightly different top tube length and head angle to the Enduro(info from spesialized archives).

    I love my SX Trail, I peddal it everywhere now it’s got two rings up front. It’s more than capeable of downhill, no probs at Cannock(apart from me the rider). It flew down the Snowdon ranger path last week.

    Granted it is a little heavy but you get used to it and it gets easier as you get fitter.

    Hope this helps,



    I have a 2006 Enduro frame built up with a longer coil shock so it’s practically an SX trail
    it’s exactly the same as the SX Trail as far as I can tell
    the only thing that could be different is the head angle and the thickness of the tubing (I have feeling the headtube is a bit beefier on the SX Trail)

    Premier Icon kimbers

    ive ridden an 07 sx trail and it was in my opinion a cracking mini dh bike, im a die hard kona fan but id consider one!

    I ended up buying a Cove G-Spot of the same vintage instead… But cheers for the input!


    Dont really think I can add much to the info on this but I LOVE the 05-06 Enduros. They will get up any climb you can and bomb back down. They are so much fun and entirely capable on most UK DH tracks bit heavy compared to the new ones and probably not quite as good to ride. I think I would only swap mine for a new Enduro. The Enduro SL that Konastoner has posted looks fantastic.

    I havnt ridden one but the SX Trails are basically the same frame but with a longer (coil) shock giving more travel and they can take 180mm forks, I had an 05 Enduro with 170mm Marzocchi 66s and it was brilliant on the downs.

    Here is mine.

    DSC_0076 by i_ache, on Flickr


    Oh and just to clear things up mine is a Medium 2006 frame with the original DHX 4.5 shock but I have fitted the Schrader valve to it so it is a full DHX 5.0. You can get the valve in a medium frame its adjusting the air pressure that requires you to take the shock off the front mount but it is worth it.

    DSC_00251 (2) by i_ache, on Flickr

    DSC_00251 (3) by i_ache, on Flickr

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