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  • large418

    I have 2 bikes- a 2002 Stumpjumper FSR – great bike for long fast comfy rides. 100mm travel front and 90mm rear, copes with anything. Or a 2002 Stumpjumper hardtail (ebay find). Light, fast and comfy for the first 4 hours, then it takes a while to extract the saddle from my backside. Did 12 hours at D2D on it though.


    A Giant Anthem X. Just piloted my new one to 2nd at Relentless. Prior to that my previous one was on the podium 3 years in a row. By far the most popular and most successful bike on the race circuit- mostly because it’s the most fun off it!


    Riding a SC Tallboy. Done a few marathons, 3x 12 hour and 1x 24 solos this year and wouldn’t change it. If you don’t like the idea of big wheels the blur xcc is very good too. Only downside is the silly prices!

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    Trek Top Fuel 9.9. A whisker under 9kg for a Fox fork equipped 100mm travel FS bike, what’s not to like!


    Specialised Stumpjumper FSR 5″ full suss.

    Seems alright, bit overkill but then I’m never going to win most of the races I enter. Put the wheels on a hardtail and bout some hope hoops for it (crest rims). Put lighter tyres on for races and that’s about it.

    Done Kielder 100 on it twice, Glentress 7, Selkirk Marathons, Kielder series and other stuff.


    Depends what type of endurance racer you are.

    If your a podium contender/ top 10 consistantly, then anything around 20lb mark is where its at, FS or HT, 26 or 29.

    I ride a 2009 carbon spesh HT, around 20.5lb mark. Its comfy, fast and good climber but more improtantly i get on with it.
    For my next venture next year, prob a 100mm FS, maybe even a 29er. I’d have to try a few and then make i light, but thats my next aim

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    After 5 years of excellent service my blur xc is starting to fall apart. I’ve recently done my last event with her and she is about to be retired.. Am super happy with this bike. But what bikes are you guys and girls using for endurance events. I am not a racer, merely a plodder who likes competing.

    Rocky Mountain Element, it just what a bike should do and does it quickly. Everything from 4hrs to 24hrs without issues

    Have also done 6hr races and an 8 day stage race on a cotic soul which is equally as capable and more fun when it gets steep and rocky


    Pronghorn PR6 carbon and Pronhorn carbon HT for 24hr races.
    Previous bike was Yeti ASR-carbon.
    All excellent for long races, but on balance I think the 1-2Lbs weight penalty of the full-susses is worth it. HT around 20Lbs, full susses under 22LBs

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    Anthem X For The Mid Table!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Carrera Kraken with rigid forks for somewhere just under halfway up the results 😉


    Cotic Soda.

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    Lyskey Ridgeline 29er.

    Used for trail centres, xx and riding steps too!

    The ‘old’ Anthem, 2009 Advanced & love it, although am toying with the idea of moving to an Anthem X.

    a big minus 1 for the anthem!
    I also used to ride a Blur xc for endurance racing and agree a great bike, made the mistake of selling it for an anthem. I am not doubting the anthem is a great bike but for me there was no love. Despite a similar suspension design it feels very different (to me anyway) doesn’t have the lively feel that the blur has, very neutral feeling, really hated it. Just a word of warning but thats not to say that you might not love it. Currently ride a orange elite hardtail for endurance racing, really, really like that but maybe not quite what your looking for.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Superlight.

    Cheap (ish), reliable, you could swap the pivot bearings out mid ride if you had too though, light (ish these days), takes the edge off the worst of the bumps…

    I’ve tried plenty of other sussers, but whilst I’m sure the suspension is more efficient, offers 5% more grip in some circumstances, doesn’t suffer from brake jack (whatever that is) I’ve yet to find one that does the job with less fuss and bother leaving you to just ride – it’s close to a hardtail in terms of maintenance.

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