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  • Endura Windchill v GE Frosty Boy!!??
  • Premier Icon Mike_T


    I’m after a new winter jersey, down to the above 2.

    Anyone have any opinions on the above, good or bad?

    Premier Icon neil853

    no direct experiance but i do like the frosty boy, thinking of that one or the one with the hood.


    No experience of the Endura but I’ve owned a frostyboy for a good few years now – an excellent winter top – stops the wind and drys quickly after a shower but not waterproof. It is very warm and is probably best for only the coldest of days – in fact all their winter tops are ace and can be worn in combination to suit the weather on the day.


    I’ve just got a Windchill and its quality.

    Its waterproof, wind proof and it doesn’t ride up your back.

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    bloody hell, no help at all, I’ll buy both………..joking apart I have a few GE items and swear by them.

    Does’nt look it’ll matter what i go for bot will more than do the job.

    Cheers guys. Bloody winter


    have a frosty boy. i find it best for v cold as is very warm. the only problem with it is that the wind whips through the fleece bits on the back, but for still cold days (like last night) it is ace.


    This is a no brainer? The Windchill is wind proof and the other one isn’t??


    Windchill +1


    Also have a Frostyboy and wear it a ot during the cold months.OK its not waterproof but the front has a repellant type of action and like Deejay says it dries quickly.
    Sleeves can be pulled up easily and long zip means you can control temperature to a good degree.
    Would definitely recommend it and would buy another if a flash.
    Not tried the windchill


    Don’t know anything about the two you mention, but I did have some kind of blue/grey GE thermal mid layer thingy for 2-3 years until I lost it – twas very very toasty, but very very bright and way oversized.

    Having also lost my Paclite this year, I’ve just splashed out on a Gore Windstopper Phantom + Altura Crosslite. Am hoping these’ll keep me sorted in pretty much any autumn/winter/spring conditions.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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