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  • endura thermolite bibtights (water repelent)
  • They say these are water repellent, but how much does anyone have the experience


    I’ve got a pair of the 3/4s, it’s like a DWR coating – water beads on them and rolls off, seem to be lasting ok.

    Not waterproof, but they shrug off showers and spray. I still wear waterproof shorts over the top if it’s proper filth.

    Quite warm – did me good for commuting in winter in edinburgh (7 miles-ish each way). Live in bristol now, never got cold enough to need them…

    I do tend not to feel the cold tho.

    FWIW they’re good, I’d buy a pair again.

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    AFAIK the thermolites are the replacement for the clip bibs (which had a waterproof-ish shin panel which I thought was a fantastic idea, shame they discontinued) if so then as a normal pair of tights they are great, double thick knees means they’re still comfy across a greater temp range (as opposed to your standard roubaix or coolmax which are only good for cold or cool respectively), good fit and wear well. If the coating is anything like the lusso max repel then as IA says light rain/puddle splashes will bead but nowhere near waterproof.


    What they said – most splashes or showers will run off. Though if out in pouring rain for a while, it will start soaking through. I’ve had mine for a few years, still seem in pretty decent condition.

    They are nice and warm anyway, so I like them.


    Have the non-bib version and as above, spray and drizzle beads off but once it gets proper rainy they’ll soak through.
    Occasional give a spray with nikwax sofshell proof which seems to help.

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    Aye, they have a DWR coating on them it appears. Splashes/rain beads up and rolls off, but if you get caught in proper rain, it will wet through. Work well though, as your legs are always moving, the water rolls off a fair bit before soaking through.

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    Hmm wonder why they did so badly in this review BR fickleness? Aslong as my knees are warm I’m normally happy, but never thought of the clips as poorly insulated.


    Ime they’re not much warmer than standard bibs and they’re not particularly wind resitant either, if you want to maintain the dwr finish they will need to be washed in flakes/liquid soap, graphics crack and fall off 6/10. Agree with the br review.

    I have a pair of cheap crane (aldi) tights which are much better.

    What about the altura night vision ones as they say the same (water repellent)

    Just bought some Lusso Repels for our trip to BPW on sat. Not tried em yet as I’d get too hot on a normal ride. For these specifically as they don’t have a pad – I don’t like pads. £58 from CRC

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    “AFAIK the thermolites are the replacement for the clip bibs (which had a waterproof-ish shin panel which I thought was a fantastic idea, shame they discontinued)”
    This, para medics cut my last pair off me, something about a broken leg. But they were great. the water proof shin stopped the water running down your leg and in to your boots.

    “thermolites are the replacement” and are poo. not water repellent and went baggy very quicky. ie not Tights.

    Lusso Max repels – not water proof but they take a good soaking, probably the best tight out there for the money, hunt around you can get them for sub £50

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    The Endura Equipe bib tights have waterPROOF panels on shin (to above the knee) and seat. I find that’s where much of the worst wetness appears so this looks to be a good compromise design. Full full waterproofness, there’s always the Endura Stealth version.

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