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  • Endura singletrack knee pads????
  • pipiom

    Has anybody tried these…..had a bit of an offsky last night and grazed and twisted my knee ( new bike ok tho)… I was thinking of getting some comfortable, lightweight pads suitable for Manx XC (rooty/rocky/ gnarly, slippy stuff etc)…..these seem good because they wrap around ie don’t need to take boots off…… I wear biblongs ( tin hat at ready) and not sure if I can even wear pads……any ideas guys?

    Also considering these as my Kyle Straits are just about worn out, did you get some? Or anyone else have any feedback?


    Just for future readers if they do a search. I bought a pair of the Endura single track knee pads. I like the fact you can fit them without having to take shoes off ect.

    I’m riding cross country, so put them on, ride, 10 – 20 km’s including a fair bit of climbing and take em off when I get home.

    They are comfortable, keep your knees nice and warm in the cold. Not sure if they would protect you in a big off as well as hard shell ones, I haven’t had an off with them (nor do I plan to), but tested them by dropping to the floor and they feel pretty good.

    Think if you are looking for a pair to put on and ride that are comfortable, these seems good. Not sure how you can wash them though come summer time…will have to check with Endura.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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