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    Roubaix is not wind proof but is warm just like your winter tights.

    There is then lightweight windtex that has less insulation but is wind proof an windtex which is thicker.

    In the depths of winter you should be fine with a jersey and full windtex or rounding an light windtex.


    Thanks, I was going for the full windtex. I wasn’t sure whether both items would be almost identical in warmth or if one was just a slightly thicker jersey and one a full jacket. Sounds like they are a sensible choice and will cover most of my riding.

    I only have a paclite style goretex rain shell and a fairly rubbish windproof so struggle with the cold in winter, usually end up wearing a base layer and two or three l/s and s/s jerseys at the moment!

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    In terms of warmth rating I would assess the order as
    Road jersey
    MTb jersey
    Lightweight windtex

    The Gilet and Windtex Gilet are also useful. Windtex gilet being lightweight material. Both are good with a jersey for when it gets a bit colder.


    I’m ordering a custom club jersey and we only do a group order every few years so want to get it right! I am short on decent winter gear and spent most of last winter with my short sleeve club top on top of a long sleeve jersey.

    How warm is the Roubaix? Warm enough to replace a thin coat in winter? I guess its not windproof or showerproof. Will it be overly warm for mountain biking in the spring/autumn? I was thinking it was a warm jersey but have noticed it is in the jacket section.

    My current thinking is a Roubaix top and a Windtex jacket that with various combinations of the two should cater for Autumn to Spring. Or would Roubaix and Windtex together be overkill even mid-winter?

    Our jersey in the Endura brochure 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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