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  • Endura Light reactive glasses question.
  • rocketman

    The Masais seem curiously expensive

    Have got some Mullets (£40-ish) with similar features. The lenses are mildly photochromic the sticker on the lens says 20-40% and I think this is about right. They don’t go completely clear – using them at twilight is quite a challenge – and neither to they go completely dark they shift unobtrusively across a wide range of daylight conditions. Very good in the trees on a bright day.

    Quality frames and grippy nose/ear pieces. Vents work well

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    Looking round for some light reactive glasses to avoid the great lens faff and saw the Endura Masai in issue 82 which looked what I want. However when I looked at the Endura website they have very similar glasses for half the price. Anybody any ideas why some of the light reactive range are £39.99 but the Masai are £79.99?

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    Cuttles are ace too.

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    As a bit of a downer my cuttles broke just above the lenses on both sides while in the case resting at home! This was out of the way of the ham-fisted and clumsy pets.

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