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  • Endura Humvee or Singletrack shorts? differences and opinions please!
  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    just wait for the 1st time you get wet in 3/4 humvees – weird, flappy strangeness ! Nice in the dry though

    singletrack shorts are a nice cut I think, look quite like “just a pair of shorts” but they do rustle a bit when you walk (think they’re a bit water-resistant)

    no idea about shorter humvees

    Premier Icon jim

    Humvees have more pockets that I have any idea what to do with.


    I have the shorter Humvees (about 2 years use) – the padded short liner that came with them wasn’t great but then I just use my own ones anyway so that wasn’t much of an issue.

    Hard to say much about them other than they’ve been fine and wearing well other than some of the panels are fading so that they’re kind of dark blue rather than black now.


    In my experience having a few of Endura’s offerings, Zymes are the best short they do. Get them in brown camo and they are passable on and off the bike.


    Being a bit slow to catch on, I’ve recently bought some Humvess 3/4’s and really like them – so that’s why people use baggies!!!!
    Anyway…. was wondering about some shorts for this BBQ Summer that’s coming ( fingers crossed! )
    Was thinking about short Humvees, but Endura also do Singletrack shorts and a few other varieties, it gets bewildering!
    What’s the differences between Singletrack v’s Humvees?
    Owners’ opinions?
    Anything else to look out for?

    cheers people

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I like my Humvees. I’ve got about 3 pairs of shorts, but I usually prefer the Humvees. I never use the liner (don’t like padding). I like all the pockets.

    The only thing I have against Endura is that their stitching is woeful. It’s easy fixed if you are handy with a needle and thread, but it shouldn’t happen.


    I’ve got singletrack shorts and really like them, comfy and durable, the humvee shorts are a bit ‘mc hammer’ in terms of fit, but then again, I did buy a large pair.


    phew….thant’s a mixed bag! thanks guys…..
    Yes I’d sort of worked out Singletracks might be a bit water resistant as one difference.
    Clicked on the link to the other thread, again looks like Humvees can have stitching prob’s, but mrs CK is a dab hand with her sewing machine! The no. of pockets in Humvees do confuse me too!
    Will check out other links, but must get back to the garden before absence noticed!!!!!!
    thanks peeps


    I’ve had both. the only complaint i have is they seem to wear out really quick these days. I’ve been through 3 pairs in 6 months 🙁
    I’m gonna give fox a go & see if they are any better.

    Premier Icon Del

    see my review on crc for the singleracks. great shorts apart from the three belts. endura can’t make one belt well, so why they decided they’d fit three is completely beyond me. otherwise they are actually very nice shorts indeed.
    humvees are great too -lighter than singletracks, but much less water resistant. i’d be happy to wear either. IIRC the humvees have belt loops so you can immediately throw the endura belt toss in the bin.
    i have a pair of zymes too ( i never learn ). OK, no belt, but the popper comes open very easy if i do up the ‘not belts’.
    honestly, endura make some great stuff, if it wasn’t for the stupid that should be sorted at prototype stage.


    Agree with some of the comments above re Endura. In particular order, my experiences/observations:

    Sizing – I’ve had 2 pairs of Humvee 3/4’s both different sizes as Endura sizings are way off and inconsistent.

    Colour – Both have faded from Black to a blue

    Fitting – Had to sack the belts off as they didn’t fit (too short)so rely on the popper but that keeps popping open (no im not fat, the shorts start falling down when im stood up)

    Quality – Both have had seams fail, my newest pair have a nice big hole in the arse

    3/4 bib lycra – The logos on the side started to come off after the first wash

    It’s a shame as i like the style of the Humvees, i may try the 3/4 singletracks


    I have both in large. They’re cut slightly differently from each other – the Humvees are more relaxed fit, which is great, but when they get wet they sag a lot more. They’re definitely durable (apart from when getting caught on Ti hose guides) and comfy, plus the liner’s great.
    The Singletracks are more durable, I’d say, waterproof plus with Lycra in various panels. The cut is a lot closer, though, so I definitely need a large for the STs (but could get away with a medium for the Humvees). They look a bit smarter, do rustle a bit (but not so you’d notice especially) and I think just feel a bit more quality than the Humvees. Personally I wear both on and off the bike, although I prefer the closer fit of the Singletracks on the bike because they don’t flap about or drag as much.


    Hi All,
    Back from gardening duties, pruning Camelias in particular!!!
    I know what you mean about Humvee popper – mine keep popping, and not unduely pressuried from waistline forces!
    I quite like them as they feel light, but do see the advantage of something a bit water resistant should it get a bit soggy out there. Mind you with this ‘BBQ Summer’ and heading off for 2 weeks in France this summer, perhaps something lighter might be more appropriate.
    Armed with your comments in mind, I think I’ll mosey around the local lbs next time i’m in town and check out fit and feel of materials on Humvees and singletracks – might look at Zymes and whatever else happens to be around!
    Thanks all, comments noted, many thanks


    I have both. The main difference is the cut and the fabric. The Humvees feel very cheap compared to the singletracks, almost like shellsuit material, whereas the singletrack fabric is much more durable, slightly waterproof and just feels a lot nicer I think. The humvees soon look rubbish after a few cycles through the washing machine and the amount of pockets and stuff is a bit gimmicky too.

    I much prefer the singletracks.

    Premier Icon jonathan

    I love Singletracks – the fit’s good and they feel good.

    The fabric quality is good and has been hard wearing, but the seams have been crap – they’re still going strong after lots of abuse, but only on the back of quite a bit of time sat in front of the telly with a needle and thread.

    Simple quality control issues I think – the design is good and when the seams are sewn right they’re fine, but they often seem to be sewn wonky, or missed almost entirely.

    I’ll probably buy another pair when these die, but it’ll be from a shop and I’ll be checking all the seams very carefully before I hand over any cash!

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