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  • Premier Icon ton

    i have never used endura stuff much
    a, cos i was to fat to get in the biggest sizes
    b, cos i thought it was a bit pricy

    but i have shrunk a bit.
    just enough to get in the biggest sizes, and it is fantastic stuff.
    well the bibtights i got are. thermolites, toasty comfy well padded and very nice indeed.



    they're giving us some nice stuff to give away at the SSEC too 😉 that in my book makes them ace!!

    Mister P

    I like their bib shorts and I am just about to order a couple of FS260 Pro Jetstream jerseys as the red and black will match my Cervelo.


    Love my MT500 jersey, and ST shorts, and Bibs,….merino socks aren't the best I've tried.
    Great Company and I've always had good customer service from them.


    I crashed a brand new set of three-quater bibs and put a 100mm dia hole in them on the first outing. I contacted them to see if they would do a crash-replacement deal, nothing. boo hoo.



    Endura kit is very fragile IMO. The gloves fall apart at the seams (and no I dont fall off).

    The singletrack shorts – ditto and the replacement stout/overbuilt pair are going the same way. Pity. Its nice kit otherwise but built to flimsy.

    Im going to try Sombrio gloves next as Ive heard they are built for mountain biking.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I really wanted one of their Stealth jackets but just couldn't get any to fit, it seemed weird sizing. Having said that, the FS260 jersey fits perfectly and is one of the best biking tops I've ever owned.

    Premier Icon Del

    they can't make a belt, and fit three of their attempts at them to their singletrack shorts. great design, 5hit execution, IMHO. shame cos they're great shorts otherwise.


    I have had a few pairs of their shorts over the years. Bib shorts and non bib. I've never worn them out to be honest but like all shorts they don't like the whole clothing / cycle track interface when I crash. This causes them to get holes in so I buy new ones.


    Have some of there venturi 3/4 lengths that have fallen apart on the seams , reminds me that i need to send them back. But for £100 i was not impressed.


    I'm wearing a (three year old) pair of humvee longs and an MT500 outer layer as I type. Endura is one of my fave brands, and I have no complaints about their longevity. The belts, now that's another story…


    Hora, I've seen you fall off!!!!!!!


    Humvee shorts – good
    MT500 SS Jersey – good
    MT500 Overshoes – not bad
    Dexter gloves – good, but could be a bit more breatheable.

    Had my Stealth almost 2 years – only biking jacket I have and still in almost perfect nick even after a considerable number of offs.

    Singletrack longs and 3/4's have lasted almost as long

    Premier Icon nickc

    Cheaper overseas made stuff – worthless

    More expensive stuff – OK, Gore probably make a better version


    Humvees – liners came apart and stud button fell off.

    MT500 baggys – came apart at the crotch after one muddy ride.

    Humvee 3/4s – OK if you like the bondage trouser look on the plus side they didn't fall apart.

    Gilet – zip came apart.

    MT500 Lycra shorts – Weird fit and stitching all over the place.

    On the other hand;

    Their cheap 3/4 length bibs are still good to go but are too small for me now and I have a very old Jura jacket which is still going strong.

    I try to avoid buying any of their stuff nowadays.

    I also find DHB clothing to be just as bad.


    Humvee shorts – Yep. The crotch is wearing out and I havent slid down anything- just climing in the saddle. I cant take them back as I already got these from the LBS to replace the singletrack pants where the belt shredded (it wasnt really a belt was it- just for effect).

    Not a fan of mountain bike kit because of Endura. Kona, please comeback and make softwear again. Your thick Primo shorts ROCKED.


    I love my MT500 jersey, Rebound jacket and Hummvee shorts, they have all lasted a long time, they have all been through a lot of abuse…

    Premier Icon njee20

    They made all our team kit for years, it was total crap. Rubbish zips, terribly made, stitched on the piss, the colours were never consistent from one batch to the next, the pads in the shorts were awful.

    The latest batch of shorts had better pads, but that's the only good thing, glad we've found a new supplier!

    Gore stuff is vastly superior IMO.

    Premier Icon Nick

    MT500 shorts, worn out, but took 5 years, pad now flat.

    Singletrack Shorts, 12 months old, still look like new

    Two pairs of liner shorts, both great

    Zyme 3/4 faded a bit and tend to hold water if wet, belt a bit crap but that doesn't matter because the clip in liner holds them up

    Convert Jacket – just brilliant at keeping wet out and pretty breathable (no probs riding from bottom to top of Wrekin in it on Sunday morning), a little bulky when packed but not a big deal

    Thermolite bib-tights – 7 years old, worn twice a week for 4 months a year, so I make that worn and washed around 200 times, bit bobbly, a couple of small holes in here or there and the bib elastic is almost gone.

    Mighty Mitts, bit crap, stitching coming away around thumb/terry nose wipe.

    MT500 long sleve top, **** great, jersey of choice for all rides unless it's baking, cold out? put a merino t-shirt underneath.

    Stealth Jacket and Stealth extreem tights, both have been out on average three times a week since October and both still look and feel like new.


    Endura are my winter riding saviour!

    Not the best, not the most expensive but very good.

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    I crashed a brand new bottle of beer and it spilt all over the floor on the first outing. I contacted the off licence to see if they would do a crash-replacement deal, nothing. boo hoo.


    Why would they?


    bedmaker funny 😉

    I once took back a bottle of red. 'Its off/corked' (no it isnt- its supposed to taste funny, its alcohol sir'). This was Bargain Booze mind..

    Has anyone got a Grid Fleece or Roubaix jacket.
    I'm thinking of getting one or the other from their custom print range, but I don't really know what the difference is.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I've had both as items of team kit, they're both alright, one of my Roubaix jackets went very 'bobbly' quickly in the wash, the other two have been fine. The sizing changed randomly too, the latest one I got is like a bloody tent, despite being exactly the same size as the other 2.

    I didn't really use the grid fleece on the bike, more for standing around at races. Then left it at a race!

    So is the Grid Fleece like a conventional fleece jacket then ? A bit too thick and heavy to wear while riding ?
    And is the Roubaix more like a thicker jersey than a jacket ? Unlike the Ultra Packable and Windtex, they don't describe it as windproof. Is it ?

    Premier Icon njee20

    No, they were both fleecey backed jackets, the Roubaix one has a more 'shiny' finish to it. Neither are windproof, I tend to wear the Roubaix with a gilet.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    The newer stuff is a bit hit and miss. I still have an original MT500 jersey and the singletrack shorts seems to wear nicely. Overshoes are garbage, chamois in the bib longs was poorly fitted and after 1 ride my superlite shorts bust at the crotch. Both tredz and endura have been ignoring my mails 👿 but you live and learn, my last from Endura.Pity because it always felt good supporting a local(ish) brand.


    we sell tons of it and its growing with us…i see very few warranty things really but when we do get it endura are great and either replace or repair.

    their aftersales is pretty good on the whole(speaking as a dealer)if your lbs isnt looking after you go to another! (me?! :lol:)

    all the reviews i read seem to be very complimentary…
    i do a bit of dakine stuff which seems very well made but a bit too "lifestylee" for your average rider…endura does crossover well.

    what other brands are there out their to compete? ( i dropped altura before you say!)

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