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  • Emotional evening trying to service Rear Pro II Hub
  • Freester

    Rear bearings a bit graunchy and very squeaky last ride so decided to have a go at changing them myself. Online video from Mr Hope and other guides on t’interweb made it look easy (or so I thought). It’s one of the few maintenance jobs I’ve never attempted myself but with the demise of my most trusted and nearest bike shop I thought it was time to get it sussed myself.

    All went well removing the 1st spacers. However I had one hulluva job trying to get the freehub body off. I then noticed the freehub body was cracked. It would wiggle a few mm but in the end I had to give the axle a gentle tap (read big tw*t) from the drive side. In the end the freehub body came off but left the two hub side freehub bearings on the axle. The outer one came off the axle by hand but the other felt like it was welded to the axle.

    So far one cracked freehub body, and 2 of the springs just disintegrated as I inspected the damage so far.

    I decided to drive the axle through to push the hub bearing out but the remaining freehub bearing was so tight nothing was budging. In the end and in frustration I decided to ditch my soft faced mallet and give it a good tw*t with a metal headed hammer (big mistake). This drifted the hub bearing out but I think I managed to deform the end of the axle I was hitting and the remaining freehub bearing would just not slide of the end of the axle and so I wasn’t able to remove the axle from the hub fully.

    I completely mangled this bearing until there was just the inner collar of the bearing totally welded to the axle. After much sweat and cussing I drifted it off with a hammer and a flat head screwdriver.

    Expensive evening in all. New freehub body 55UKP on Merlin (do I need alloy or steel and does it come with Pawls and Springs?).

    I guess I will also need a new axle? I tried just sliding the new freehub bearings in my replacement bearing kit over the end of the drive side of the axle but it’s definitely bigger than the inside of the bearing collar!!

    The gutting thing is the 2 main hub bearings weren’t in bad nick. The only graunchy one was the one free hub bearing. I can only guess it hadn’t been drifted in properly last service.



    You can use either steel or alloy, steel is stronger/heavier, and doesn’t suffer it’s splines getting chewed up. Pretty certain that they come complete with bearings, pawls/springs and seal.I’d suggest a new axle too, considering the damage it sounds like you’ve inflicted on it. It may be worth contacting Hope regarding them servicing it for you, they’re quite reasonable with their pricing.

    Crack out the file on that axle! Soon be back to size.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    pop it all in a bag with a note explaining that it just fell apart and a new one will arrive…….

    Steel freehub is not a bad idea to let you use more cassettes and also try dropping the axle into boiling water for 10s lo loosen the bearings off next time


    Is your rear a qr axle? If so I’m 99% sure ive got one you can have if you want? Have done similar things myself a few times!


    With those hubs it quite often the bearing closest to the lock ring that fails first.
    As above always worth emailing hope there customer service is the best in the bike world


    I think I did something similar. Luckily I was replacing the QR axle with a bolt through one at the same time, so I was able to use the old axle as a drift.

    I can’t remember what tools you use for the rear (besides the freehub popper-inner thing) but the proper drift tools from hope make the front hub service a lot easier.


    Well my first time to call on the legendary Hope service and it didn’t disappoint.

    Sent an email last night got a reply 8ish this morning saying give them a call… Freehub body and pawls / springs will be replaced on warranty and a recommendation to just file the axle down checking that it’s not bent. Think I’ll just order a new axle – taking a hit on the price of a new axle is more agreeable than the cost of freehub and axle.

    I’ve got the right tools for driving the bearings in. I must admit I didn’t have a proper support to rest the hub disk flange whilst trying to drive the axle out.


    Coulda woulda shoulda….bought SHIMANO! 😛


    cynic-al – Member

    Coulda woulda shoulda….bought SHIMANO!

    Been there done that. They last half as long and then I couldn’t fix the hubs so new hubs (read wheels) were required.



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