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    theres a chance we may emigrate in the next year or so. i know its a bit previous, but im wondering the best thing to do with my bikes.

    as it stands, i sold a couple a while ago, and im still short of a ss mtb. ive got one in mind, but is it worth spunking up for one if i dont end up taking it?

    im pretty sure if we end up doing this, itll be a ‘sell everything and start again over there’ type jobby, but im loathe to do that with my bikes, as im not sure itd be easy to get same quality stuff over there (thailand). plus its taken me long enough to get my bikes how i like them, without having to start all over again 🙂


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    Ask Paul Gadd to take a couple with him on his next trip over there?

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    Take em, When I emigrated to NZ i had a clearout and regretted it when I arrived. At least with your bikes you know what you have. Post them out and stock up on consumeables and you,re sorted.


    When I came over to US I brought most of the bikes (stored two in the free-storage unit that is my folks’ attic! – only a temporary move). Was no major hassle to get them shipped along with some other stuff – if I was doing again I’d take one on plane and ship the others. Selling and re-buying seeems an expensive way to do it – I’m sure I’d get peanuts for my bikes – worth much more to me than I could sell them for.

    If I were doing it again I’d get an estimate of shipping costs and consider taking them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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