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  • Elusive clicking noise….
  • Premier Icon Paulio

    Knackered headset bearings caused something similar for me. If you can feel it click is it a worn cleat? I hate trying to trace clicks and creaks.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Hi Chaps,

    I’ve discovered an annoying click, it occurs on the right crank in the 1 o’clock position, when I pedal slightly hard.

    I’ve stripped down the BB, regreased, greased the threads, changed the spacer, and torqued up.

    I’ve clean and grease all crank bolts, and tightened down the chainring bolts.

    The click occurs on both rings.

    I’ve replaced the pedals, same click.

    I’ve greased up the pedal theads.

    I’ve greased the pivots – it’s a journal bearing system, so no cartridge or caged bearings.

    Not the saddle rails, or the front mech, or seat clamp either.

    I’ve cleaned and greased the rear axle, and the mech hanger, and the mech, and the cables and cable ends.

    I’m a little lost now as where to go.

    My current thinking (not to seed the thread) is that it could be the headset, as there is a 0.2mm ovalisation – so there could be something going on there.

    I can feel the click through the pedal though, so I was sure it would be pedal/crank interface.

    Would this be caused by not having pedal inserts in place?




    Check your cassette’s on properly. Mine was doing this and it was down the the lock ring being a bit loose

    Ive got a bike doing this as well, i was going to try another chain on it and see if that sorted it (could be a dodgy link or pin), you havent mentioned trying that. I like that cassette theory as well, itd only take 5 minutes of fettling to rule either of those suggestions out. I just havent bothered because it doesnt annoy me when the bikes stood still, so as soon as I get home and wash it the motivation goes right out the window!!


    What mrbelowski said


    Right knee or perhaps ankle.


    what frame is it?

    This happened on my asr 5 and it turned out to be the aluminium faces of the driveside dropout chips that were dry and rubbed slightly against each other under load.

    took them apart and stuck a bit of grease between the tw and it was fine.

    Premier Icon woody74

    What kind of bottom bracket have you got? I had a push fit BB30 on my road bike that had a click like this. In the end I took the crank off and gave it a bloody great thump from a soft head hammer. All sorted and a simple job.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Holy Sh1t Spin, I was just thinking of that video!

    Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley. Voldemort!

    I’ve checked the cassette is tight, but I’ve not checked the torque – so will give that a go. I doubt it though, as I know what a loose lockring sounds like, and it’s not the noise I have…

    I’ve stripped the hanger tonight, and the rear mech, cleaned and regrease – so will see how that goes.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    It’s your dentures. Do you also whistle slightly when you speak…?

    Premier Icon rickon

    Fixed it 🙂

    Titanium pedal axle threads. The park tools grease had gone dry on the threads, so applied some thinner pivot grease and torqued them up pretty tight, as I usually leave them at a low torque as they should tighten over time.

    That fixed the noise. Happy days.


    Sorry to dampen your spirits, but now that’s gone quiet, you’ll just hear another noise!!

    Premier Icon rickon

    Nope, its all quiet. Given I’ve stripped down every part on the bike and cleaned, greased and torqued its all gravy 🙂

    I did mash up my rear mech just before the final descent at GT today though, so had to ride without a chain for 20 minutes. Now that was a quiet descent, if a bit odd riding a balance bike 😉

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