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  • electricity suppliers ripping us off
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    stick 2 nails into a potato ?

    (then throw it at a free-market gobshite)

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    Assuming you average about £500/year on electricity, knocking £60 off the price is a saving of over 10%. With a bit of effort you could cut your bills down even further – LED lighting etc.

    Perhaps a more careful look at the numbers and a bit less theorising about conspiracy theories might be in order?


    The government and ofgem have carried out a review of the market and concluded that tariffs and discounts need simplifying to encourage customer switching.

    The inevitable result of this is that prices will converge and customers will actually move less.

    One key part of this is the removal of cash discounts for new customers, which meas less incentive to switch.

    I believe that the whole thing was a result of ofgem becoming more aggressive and justifying their existence to avoid being put on the quango bonfire…


    the best i can save is 60 quid a year

    I just switched to Sainsburys. £60 credit applied to my first bill + 10,000 Nectar points which is equal to another £50 off my shopping.


    So we are supposed to have a free market where each company has its own prices and discounts,so rang around,amnd after waiting for ages for somebody human and pressing numerous butons, the best i can save is 60 quid a year about £1.15 a week,no more discounts available, just where is this so called free market, and why no discounts, introductory offers etc, and no staff to answer the phones.
    If the supermarkets and online bike supplies copmpanies worked the same way we would be knackered,
    Anyone know how to get cheap electric legally.

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