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  • lasty

    Extending the ring = wiring, sockets etc..

    Oh …. Not forgetting to chase out the walls to sit the flex into and re-plastering 😉

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    simplest is adding a spur to an existing ring at an existing socket. But it’s worth checking whether your existing ring is in good order, using the correct cross section cable etc.


    However, adding a socket to a spur or ring is not normally notifiable.



    Mini trunking…..wall chasing…. Or floor board lifting. It’s a pain to keep new sockets on a ring so make sure any radial spurs are kept to just one twin socket or you fall foul of wiring regs. It’s pretty messy unless you have stud cavity walls then you might be ok. They do some snazzy trunking systems though these days just not very cheap but it’s time and ease against mess and making good so choice is yours


    Thought I just had, thinking about how to redecorate living room and its occurred to me that I have a lack of sockets. What is involved in getting more? New wires new sockets etc,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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