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  • Anyone going to see them on this tour? I’ve never seem them live and have always wanted to, so just bought tickets today.

    I love Valentine’s voice, it’s unique. He’s funny with his material and just rolls with his own thing. Their albums have always been good. The shit review for Zodiac in NME sealed it for me to part with my cash.

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    Might go along on the night to Concorde2 in Brighton. Saw them there a couple of years ago; they were OK but not spectacular.

    He does a lot of press-ups between each song if I remember correctly. Enjoy.


    Sorry but who are the electric six ?

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    i’ve seen them live, it was the most violent gig i’ve ever been too, lots of topless men fighting in the pit to “gaybar”, didn’t know they were back

    Grantway they are a twisted little band from Detroit.

    Napalm, sounds about right! I reckon they’ll be worth the 12 quid.


    Gaybar is a minor achievment, what about **** “High Voltage” it’s bloody brill, esp the video. This is properly original and really good. (I am pissed just now, but hell it’s good anyway)


    BTW I love being pissed me, I’m having a great time tonight despite losing to SA.


    High Voltage is a truly brilliantly original song. Very good indeed!

    /Digs out album


    I saw them up at Glasgow green few years back as one of the warm up acts for the Chilli peppers/Foo fighters.
    They were suprisingly awsome!
    I remember he did a solo version of George Michaels Careless whisper. Brilliant, no music just him singing.
    Foo fighters stole the show though!!

    Boba Fatt


    I saw them on their own tour about six or seven years ago. They were much more distortion/overdriven in the guitar department and very ‘tight’. Ithink they played all their songs a wee bit fatser than on the record too.
    Dick Valentine was a properly funny frontman at that show too. During a long-ish guitar solo bit he put a foot up on the monitor, removed a billfold from his jacket and fanned out a massive wodge of cash Del-Boy style to show the audience, then just popped it back in his jacket (as in suit jacket) and took the mic stand for the next chorus.

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