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  • Electric Heated Towel Radiator. Easy to change element?
  • benz

    Disaster….our electrically heated towel radiator element must have failed the other day. No more warm towels when stepping out of the shower…

    It has a thermostatic controller attached – a ‘RICA’? Type Poseido-1,

    The radiator is 100cm x 60cm.

    So, is it an easy enough job to change out the heating element, etc? Any ideas what wattage I would need?

    Anything I should be aware of – such as turning the radiator upside down when removing the existing element and topping up with a specific liquid?

    Thanks in advance folks.

    Premier Icon Murray

    I changed mine – remove power at fuse box, confirm, unwire from box, remove from wall as the heater fitted from underneath, drain into bath, change element, refill and refit.

    Size – when you remove it it’s probably marked on it somewhere.

    An easy job but probably not allowed in a bathroom.

    Premier Icon shaundryden

    they are mostly filled with water , I added some Central heating corrosion inhibitor to mine when I filled it.
    Some are filled with Oil , I guess you will find out when you remove the element , either way if you save what comes out you can put it back in again .

    Is it dual or just electric?

    Should be able to isolate and take off wall, spin it upside down and remove element, you won’t need to top it back up if electric only, if dual then obvs you’ll have drained it to remove anyway.

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