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  • baldman

    Hi all – I’m after some advice on electric bikes….

    My dad is looking at getting an electric bike but I know nothing about them so I’m not sure what to advise. He’s thinking of an electric bike that will just give him a bit of help getting up the steeper hills etc. He’ll not be riding anything more challenging than tracks like the family trail at Forest of Dean, canal tow paths, country lanes etc. His knees aren’t great hence his thought that a bit of help will mean he can get out for a ride with the family and grand children.

    So, what should he be looking for? What’s good in the world of electric bikes? He’s seen a “pro rider” which seems really heavy (20kg without battery). http://www.proridermobility.com/detail.asp?productID=338

    Any recommendations or experience of that type of bike would be great.

    I also wondered if I would be better helping him find a lighter hybrid style bike instead – he has an old heavy bike at the moment.

    Any thoughts or advice most appreciated.


    Bump…anyone got any advice please?

    Premier Icon ton

    the bike in the ad is a poor one.
    I have owned 2 electric bikes in the past 3 yrs, through ill health.
    get intouch with 50 cycles and have a good look at the khalkhoff range of ebikes.
    expensive to buy, but the most reliable and they hold their price when you re sell.


    Thanks Ton, as you say, not cheap! But as with most things you get what you pay for. Their office isn’t too far away so I could go and see them which is good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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